New Product Introduced For Regenerative Ag Operations, Evaness, Addresses Crop Residue Challenges, Maximizes Nutrient Use

Published online: Feb 28, 2024 New Products
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Boise, Idaho – Simplot Grower Solutions and Innvictis BioScience introduce Evaness, a product designed to maximize the utilization of vital nutrients contained in crop residues.

Regenerative agriculture operations often use no-till or reduced-till practices, which leave behind significant amounts of crop residue containing essential, valuable nutrients. Evaness’ unique blend of nutrients and enzymes increases cellulose-digesting microorganisms accelerating the breakdown of crop residues, assisting in nutrient cycling, and increasing the solubility and availability of the nutrients contained in the residue left in the field.

Dr. Ben Lawrence, with Simplot Growers Solutions, noted one study of corn residue in a regenerative ag operation showed the residue contained nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and sulfur, equaling approximately $32/acre. “The value of nutrients in crop residues significantly impacts a farmer’s return on investment. Evaness has been shown to capture the nutrients in crop residues, thereby enhancing a farmer’s overall profitability.”

Simplot Growers Solutions and Innvictis tested Evaness in various crops throughout the United States, including in the South on rice stubble. “Data collected on these trials not only visually represented less rice stubble in the treated versus nontreated fields, but also improved subsequent soybean crop nutrient uptake during early reproductive growth stages. While heat and humidity contribute to breaking down stubble, Evaness provided improved benefits in stubble management,” Lawrence stated.

“We have seen great results following not only corn but using it behind wheat, barley, alfalfa and grass crops to speed up the breakdown and release of nutrients from residues like straw, roots and sod balls associated with these crops”, stated Ty Applegate, Senior Account Manager for Innvictis BioScience, with over 30 years of experience in the industry. “If leftover crop residues are an issue or if you just want to speed up the nutrient cycling process in your program, then Evaness would be a great tool to accomplish this.”

Troy Bolt, VP & General Manager Retail Business said Simplot Grower Solutions is committed to introducing biostimulant products such as Evaness. “These products are designed to tackle long-standing challenges facing farmers, providing effective solutions where none were previously available.” 

To learn more about Evaness and how it can impact your operation, contact your local Simplot Grower Solutions Crop Advisor.

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