Not Just The Farmer’s Fight

Published online: Dec 01, 2023 Articles Tristan Vanheuckelom, The European Conservative
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(Potato Grower Editor: We found this to be an interesting commentary and the timing was especially spot on as we heard a similar sentiment at a meeting we attended in November where the speaker said U.S. growers should pay attention to what’s going on in Europe.)

Some would cry hyperbole should one claim that the EU is waging a war on its own farmers.

But is it? Monday’s, November 27th event “The EU’s War on Farming,” organized by MCC Brussels, made a most compelling case that the answer, unfortunately, is ‘yes.’ 

MEPs on the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee on Wednesday, November 29th, passed the final text of the controversial Nature Restoration Law. Critics say the measure, which seeks to scale back agriculture, poses an existential threat to the farming industry. 

After the deprivation wrought by the Second World War, European agricultural policy made securing plentiful and affordable food its key aim. For many decades, not only was the continent self-sustaining, but able to feed a growing global population with the Netherlands being the second-highest global exporter of agricultural products. 

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