Minnesotan Wins Tractor In Case IH Farmall 100th Giveaway

Wilson selected from nearly 8,500 applicants in national giveaway

Published online: Dec 07, 2023 Articles
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A year-long celebration of Farmall’s 100th anniversary concluded with naming Steve Wilson of Rochester, Minnesota, the winner of a new Farmall utility 75C tractor. Wilson was one of 8,446 participants in a Case IH-led contest that encouraged fans of the revolutionary Farmall brand to submit their stories, share their passions and demonstrate how they see using a new Farmall in the future. 

Wilson, a three-time cancer survivor, submitted a heart-warming video that demonstrated how the brand had a significant impact on his life and how it fits in his current homesteading projects. 

“The Farmall brand is all about heritage. This contest gave me an unexpected opportunity to dive deeper into my own heritage, which was a very rewarding experience,” said Wilson. “The way I see it, heritage is built on three pillars: innovation – which is built on your mind; determination – a focus on your body; and relationships – which I’ve found in both my family and my friends who encouraged me to enter the competition.”

Farmall, named for the tractor that can do it all, was revolutionary when it was introduced in 1923 as the new way to farm without horses. Bob Shanks, president of Minnesota Ag Group, which is Steve’s local Case IH dealer, noted that Wilson really hit the nail on the head when it comes to the brand then and now.

“Steve’s submission demonstrates how much the Farmall brand has been a part of the fabric of agriculture for over 100 years, including right here in our own back yard,” said Shanks. “Steve demonstrated not only his passion for the brand but his understanding of where it is going in the future. We are so happy for Steve to have won this competition.”   

“Steve’s story was very inspiring and was one of the most memorable submissions we saw during the review process,” said Teri Zanella, campaign manager for tractors at Case IH. “We created this contest to give a tractor to one of our most passionate fans. It was great to see how Case IH and Farmalls have made such an impact for so many family farms.”

In addition to Wilson’s story, the Case IH team read thousands of heart-warming testimonies about customers’ passion for Farmall tractors. Nine runner-up participants received a 1:16 Farmall model from the contest.

Mitchell Bushmaker, one runner-up, spoke about his family’s history with Farmall that his grandpa started in the 1960s. Mitchell continues to farm his family’s land, using the same Farmall tractor passed down generation after generation, knowing his grandfather would be proud.

Jerry Richards, fourth generation farmer and finalist, spoke to his lifelong love of Farmall and how their family has used Farmalls as workhorses on the farm since the 1950s. Richards’ submission featured his grandfather's saying: “’Son, this is a Farmall. It's the finest tractor you can own.’”

“It was overwhelming to read thousands of testimonials about how the Farmall impacted many family operations and the legacy it carried and continues to carry from one generation to the next,” said Zanella. “We look forward to Farmall’s next 100 years of innovation and providing solutions that make a difference to our customers.”

To see Steve Wilson’s winning award submission, learn about the 100 years of legacy from Farmall and see other testimonials, visit farmall100.com.