Announcing A Lower Financial Barrier For Fresh Food Processors/Packers Who Want Automated Inventory And Traceability

Fresh food companies can manage their inventory in real-time with SIMBA

Published online: Oct 29, 2023 New Products
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Kirkland, WA – SIMBA Solutions is a leading provider of real-time, plant floor data collection systems for fresh food. The SIMBA system collects real-time production, traceability, inventory and shipping information using touch computers and barcoding.

The result is a powerful system that will increase productivity, lower costs and improve revenues.

Pay With A Subscription System - The new subscription model with a low initial investment lowers the financial barrier for small to mid-sized companies to get the full advantage of automated tracking of finished goods inventory from packing to shipping.

The Facts About Barcoding – Barcode data entry has been used in the fresh food industry for more than 30 years. The benefits are clear: 40-60 percent increase in efficiencies in time to track inventory and 99 percent data entry accuracy. 

So how does a small or midsized producer take advantage of this huge and growing opportunity? Customizable, affordable traceability and inventory systems from SIMBA Solutions provide a way forward. SIMBA unites barcode labeling, intuitive plant-floor data gathering devices and sophisticated office software to give owners and plant managers end-to-end product traceability and inventory tracking, with a team of developers who can customize the platform to fit producers’ existing practices, integrating it with their ERP systems as well as adapting to new uses as they arise.

It's an easy addition for modest processors who need to catch up. SIMBA does it all, quickly labeling and recording product at packing, reducing data entry, and then tracing the product forever with perfect records, so passing an audit is just a matter of a quick scan and a couple of clicks.

“The fresh food industry has been asking us for an affordable solution,” says Alison Falco, CEO of SIMBA Solutions. “Our new subscription model provides just that - a full system for a minimal initial investment.”

The SIMBA solution can unlock enormous value in cost savings and traceability compliance up and down the production and distribution chain, and SIMBA provides a solution that any processor or packer can implement.

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