MPIC Welcomes New Education And Outreach Specialist Jalen Smith

Published online: Sep 05, 2023 Articles
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On Monday, Aug. 28, the Michigan Potato Industry Commission welcomed Jalen Smith as its new education and outreach specialist. Smith has a passion for agriculture and excitedly shared some information on his background and goals. 

“I am glad to say that Detroit is where I was born and raised. I attended Michigan State University for my undergraduate studies, devoting my time to the subjects of agriculture and public policy. I participated heavily in track and cross country while I was a student at the university, juggling my academic goals with my love of athletics.

"My passion for making a difference drew me away from the classroom and the track. I gave three nonprofit groups my total attention, putting all of my efforts into projects that intended to improve underprivileged areas. The value of environmental stewardship also struck deeply with me, inspiring me to fundraise across the huge state of Michigan for important ecological issues.

"The Michigan Potato Industry Commission's objective is to empower and enhance the lives of all Michigan farmers, not just those who grow potatoes specifically. My background in agriculture and the aspirations of farmers that grow Michigan-based produce are exactly in line with our cause's blend of sustainable agriculture and humanitarian aid.

"Finally, I value the opportunity to learn from others who hold different perspectives, and I genuinely enjoy forging connections with people from various backgrounds. My desire to make a positive impact on the vibrant and connected community in our state is motivated by my love of deep connections, which is heightened by Michigan's diverse population.”