Accurate Ag Book Explains How Farmers Grow Potatoes

Published online: Sep 21, 2023 Articles Julie Tomascik, editor, Texas Farm Bureau
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Readers can take a voyage filled with friendship and farming in the latest accurate ag book—Potatoes for Pirate Pearl—released by Feeding Minds Press, which is the American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) publishing venture.

The engaging picture book is geared toward children ages 4 to 8.

Just like potatoes are packed with nutrients, Potatoes for Pirate Pearl is full of potato facts to help children learn more about planting, harvesting and cooking potatoes.

Readers journey along with Pirate Pearl and her parrot, Petunia, as their treasure map leads them to an unlikely place—a potato farm. There, Pirate Pearl learns everything she needs to know about growing and harvesting potatoes, as well as the importance of friendship.

“Potatoes for Pirate Pearl is a great addition to our collection of fun and engaging books that instill a love of agriculture,” Foundation for Agriculture Executive Director Daniel Meloy said. “We’re thrilled to continue to inspire kids to learn about where their food comes from.”

The book also includes instructions for readers to grow their own potatoes, as well as recipes they can try at home.

“Books are a vital learning tool, and accurate ag books help students sharpen their reading skills while also learning accurate information about agriculture in a format that engages and piques their interest,” said Jordan Bartels, Texas Farm Bureau associate director of Organization Division, Educational Outreach. “We want students to get excited about both reading and agriculture, so what better way than to combine the two in a fun and interesting way.”

Feeding Minds Press also offers several free printable books that focus on careers in agriculture.

Feeding Minds Press is a project of the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture. The mission of the Foundation is to build awareness and understanding of agriculture through education. The goal of Feeding Minds Press is to publish accurate and engaging books about agriculture that connect readers to where their food comes from and to who grows it.

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Several free printable books that focus on careers in agriculture are also available.