Knegt Electric Tractor

Published online: Aug 10, 2023 New Products
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Against a backdrop of commercial necessity, global climate concerns and new emissions legislation, et-sun is introducing the Knegt brand of electric
tractor onto the next rung of this evolutionary ladder.

Imagine no oil changes, no exhaust, no gas or diesel motor issues.

The Knegt, 100 percent electric, 45 and 55 horsepower compact tractor is ideally suited to all types of farming, dairy farming, produce growers, horse
facilities, homestead farmers and golf courses.

Each Knegt Electric tractor comes standard equipped with: power steering, 4-wheel drive, low and high gearing, differential lock, 2 hydraulic pumps, 2
double acting hydraulic valves and PTO with two gears.

The Knegt deluxe cab has a well-insulated cab with a complete range of standard features. Special features include 12V outlet, connection for a
beacon and optional air.

The tractor includes front and rear 3-point hitch and loader with an array of attachments. See more details on

et-sun also provides the solar energy collection and charging systems to power the tractor.

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