Retail Potato Sales Slow, Consumers Spent More On Spuds In Q1 2023

Published online: Jun 07, 2023 Articles
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Denver – Potato retail sales increased 16 percent in sales but decreased in volume by minus 4.4 percent from January-March 2023 compared to the same time frame a year ago.

Despite a decrease, volume sales remain above pre-pandemic levels. All categories of potatoes increased in dollars sales, with the most significant occurring for frozen potatoes at 41.9 percent, followed by instant potatoes at 16.5 percent, and fresh potatoes at 12.7 percent. Deli-prepared sides were the only category to increase volume sales (+2.1 percent).

The most significant declines in volume during the first three months of 2023 were instant potatoes (minus 7.6 percent) and refrigerated potatoes (minus 5.8 percent). Volume sales for potatoes were down for most categories in the store, with an average decline of minus 4.4 percent.

Fresh potato dollar sales were up for all types except white, fingerling, and purple potatoes. Fresh Yellow, petite, and medley potatoes grew in dollar and volume sales. The average sales price per pound for fresh potatoes was $1.01, an 18.7 percent increase from the prior year. All pack sizes, except packages greater than 10 pounds, saw an increase in dollars. One to less than two-pound bags were the only category to grow in dollars and volume, 4.3 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively. The most significant volume sales declines occurred in greater than ten-pound bags (minus 51.3 percent) and eight-pound bags (minus 21.6 percent).

Circana (IRI) compiles these figures by working directly with retailers.