Free 1-Day Field Groundwater/Stream Field Measurement Course In Morley, Michigan

Published online: Jun 17, 2023 Articles
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A free one-day hands-on demonstration of groundwater and stream field measurements used to observe and predict streamflow depletion from crop irrigation is scheduled for June 22.


Sandyland Farms maintains active monitoring wells in fields irrigated using center pivots supplied by high-capacity water wells. They will pump a well, operate an irrigation system and use water level meters and pressure transducers to demonstrate live the water level drawdown and recovery. They will also use an ultra-sonic flow meter to measure the flow rate through the pivot system.


The field is located near the Little Muskegon River. They will measure the stream discharge using two different instruments (Sontek and Pygmy) and compare the results on-site.

Streambed Testing

They will conduct slug testing and vertical-tube seepage testing in the river to measure the streambed conductivity at several locations. Data analysis and comparison will be performed on-site to demonstrate how quickly water flows through the streambed.

They expect attendees to be hands-on and use their equipment. A catered lunch will be served buffet style on site. Attendees are highly encouraged to bring their own chairs and waders. Ample time is allotted for data collection and discussion of the data, including the accuracy, costs and practical use.

The event is scheduled for June 22 from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Space is limited. Call (574) 266-5300 or e-mail