Elders, HarvestEye Bringing Greater Efficiency, Yields To Australian Root Crop Growers

Published online: Jun 15, 2023 Articles
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A new generation of agtech has landed for potato growers in Australia thanks to Elders and UK-based harvest insights system HarvestEye.

Elders is the only reseller of HarvestEye in Australia, and this exciting addition to the already extensive list of agtech available from Elders provides a level of data that has not been possible to achieve before.

Growers can now glean precise and detailed information about their produce in real time. Using a camera and machine learning algorithms, the system measures and counts a crop as it is being harvested. This produces a breakdown of size, count and relative yield through a field - a huge advantage in modern farming.

Unlike conventional sampling, HarvestEye has the capability to show the performance of the whole field, providing a much more accurate representation of a crop.

The data is captured and collated by a computer, which can even provide historic GPS tracking of a field over the years, allowing growers to make more informed decisions moving forward to improve efficiency, crop yield and uniformity.

With a more comprehensive understanding of the size and count for each field, the technology supports complex decision making for sustainable business growth.

Crop variability can also be mapped across specific field locations, providing targeted agronomic performance data. It assists growers to work towards specific customer requirements for each variety and, ultimately, increase profits.

Abe Montano, seed potato sales manager at Elders, said, “HarvestEye has demonstrated exceptional promise through extensive trials both in Australia and overseas.

“Using upcoming and latest agricultural technology to improve crop outcomes is commonplace in broadacre cropping, but it is not yet something that has been widely done in horticultural sectors.

“The technology is a game changer for growers who want to maximise efficiency and quality, and reduce waste.”

HarvestEye can be fitted to any existing harvesting equipment, is simple to use and doesn’t interfere with the harvester. The data is then gathered and displayed on a tablet, making it easy to view, analyse and cross-reference detailed data sets.

With applications designed for packers, processors and seed growers, this technology is set to change the way growers manage their entire operation. Not just for potatoes, HarvestEye can also be used for other root vegetable crops, including onions.

Elders recognises the integral role technology plays in the agricultural industry and is pleased to be the only Australian reseller of HarvestEye.

Distribution of HarvestEye will complement Elders’ existing potato seed business, which currently holds IP for and produces over 21 varieties of potato seed and is supported by an extensive network of horticultural agronomists across Australia’s key growing regions.

Vidyanath (Vee) Gururajan, managing director of HarvestEye, said, “We have been working with the Elders team for more than a year and the result from this engagement is very encouraging.

“We are delighted to continue our work together with Elders and recently exhibited our 2.0 version of HarvestEye at the Hort Connections event. We look forward to increasing our customer base in Australia."

HarvestEye is available from Elders nationally. For more details, contact Elders Ballarat on (+61) 35336 9500.

For more information on HarvestEye visit https://www.harvesteye.com/.