Ceres Imaging Joins Leading Harvest As A Program Supporter, Working To Strengthen Sustainability And Audit Process In Agriculture

Published online: Jun 28, 2023 Articles
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Oakland, Calif. — Ceres Imaging has announced its commitment to increasing the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices by enrolling as a Program Supporter of Leading Harvest, an industry leader in sustainable agriculture.

As a Program Supporter, Ceres joins the Leading Harvest membership that includes farmland managers, suppliers, retailers, consumer product companies, investors, and tech innovators with a shared vision of advancing the rigorously vetted and third-party verified Leading Harvest Farmland Management Standard.

Ceres Imaging’s expertise in AI-driven agricultural insights supports the sustainability auditing process for agricultural producers. By streamlining data collection and reporting across entire portfolios of fields, Ceres Imaging can offer a comprehensive body of evidence to support producers’ claims and demonstrate conformance with Leading Harvest’s rigorous standards.

By leveraging their AI data platform, Ceres Imaging empowers producers to undergo audits in a cost-effective and consistent manner, while also offering valuable data to substantiate sustainability claims and improve governance. This can streamline the assessment process, reduce internal resource usage, and ultimately, lower costs for producers while maintaining the highest level of integrity and accuracy.

Furthermore, Ceres Imaging's Portfolio dashboard and in-depth AI provide valuable agronomic insights. The platform can also enable producers to track and optimize their resource management, monitor crop health, and identify opportunities for improved sustainability. The combination of capabilities can contribute to the overall environmental and economic health of the ag sector.

"We are happy to welcome Ceres Imaging as a Program Supporter," said Kenny Fahey, President & CEO at Leading Harvest. "By bringing together producers, suppliers, retailers, consumer product companies, investors, and tech innovators, our membership drives continuous improvement for sustainability outcomes across the agricultural supply chain.”

"We are thrilled to enroll as a Leading Harvest Program Supporter," said Ramsey Masri, CEO at Ceres Imaging. "Our crop verification process can be leveraged to help support the goals and initiatives of the program, improving sustainable best practices and building transparent governance within agriculture. Our goal is to empower producers with the capabilities they need to make informed decisions and drive positive change for a healthier world."