DPH Biologicals Expands Regenerative Market Presence With Regenaphex Technology Platform

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Published online: May 03, 2023 New Products
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Indianapolis, IN - After two years of developmental work, DPH Biologicals announced today RegenAphex, a new technology platform based on the regenerative power of a proprietary plant-based humus extract produced at the company’s Princeton, IL, site, the largest plant-based composting facility in the United States.

RegenAphex provides growers with a regeneratively-produced biological solution, delivering readily available carbon and a consortium of microorganisms known to improve soil health, increase crop nutrient uptake and support plant health. The company’s flagship biofertilizer, TerraTrove™ SP-1 Classic, was built on RegenAphex technology and is now being offered as a foliar application, a powerful and proven testament to the success of the formulation.

Driven by consumer demands, changing climates and dwindling natural resources, regenerative agriculture, a method of farming that focuses on regenerating soil and ecosystem health for better outcomes, is growing rapidly. The regenerative agriculture marketplace is projected to reach $24 billion in global revenue for 2030, growing at 14.4 percent CAGR, according to a recent market report.

Delivering A Sustainable Humus Extract Technology Platform For Broad Acre Production

RegenAphex will serve as DPH Bios’ foundation for novel solutions, revolutionizing how growers manage fertility and plant health while providing an environmentally friendly, domestically produced solution. Additionally, DPH Bio is making the RegenAphex platform available to enhance the performance of other microbial products in the market through third-party collaborations.

“What excites me the most about this dynamic technology is that it seamlessly fits into modern production practices, balancing performance, sustainability and scalability,” said Mick Messman President & CEO for DPH Bio. “We take a lot of pride in the fact that it is a renewable resource produced right here in the heartland, which allows us to mitigate the uncertainty and complexity of today’s global supply chain.”

RegenAphex’ humus extract formulation is similar but superior to humic acid, a well-known soil amendment. RegenAphex is a clean, light brown water extract of a renewable plant-based humified compost that delivers a consortium of micro-organisms that increase the microbial diversity in the soil. Additionally, it is a super food for the microbial community delivering 30 ppm of organic carbon readily available to support microbial life and plant growth.

SP-1 Classic Expands Foliar Options To Combat Abiotic Stress

Building off the RegenAphex news, DPH Bio is expanding the use of SP-1 Classic, introducing a new foliar application use pattern to help growers lessen the impact of abiotic stress on crops by adding SP-1 Classic to their spring and summer post-emergence spray practices. RegenAphex serves as the foundation for SP-1 Classic which also includes Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) and Green Algae.

SP-1 Classic is an industry-leading liquid biofertilizer, proven in soil-based applications to optimize soil and nutrient conditions for plant growth. Multiyear field trial results validate the performance of SP-1 extends beyond soil applications. When used as a post-emergence foliar during critical early growth stages, SP-1 Classic enhances the plant’s ability to tolerate abiotic stressors like heat, drought and salinity. In 2022, field trials showed a positive yield response on corn, soybeans, wheat, potatoes and specialty crops when applied as a foliar treatment.

Missouri grower Derek Davis increased his use of SP-1 Classic after noticing crops he had sprayed with SP-1 Classic performed better under drought conditions.

“We started out with a gallon per pass rate of SP-1. Now I'm doing two to three, depending on the crop and the timing. We just keep seeing increasing results and returns,” Davis said.

Davis shaved $200,000 off his fertility budget using SP-1 Classic as both an in-furrow and foliar solution on his corn, soybean, wheat and alfalfa operation.

“With extreme weather becoming more common, growers are looking for better, more flexible ways to boost plant tolerance to potential stress factors,” said Joe Hanson, DPH Bio CCO and trusted seed, crop protection and biologicals expert for the past 25 years. Bad weather is the biggest yield-limiting factor on corn production, reducing yields by as much as 70 bushels an acre according to a University of Illinois crop physiology report.

“Priming plants to grow is a proven insurance against seasonal abiotic stressors. But once crops are up, growers have a narrow window during an extremely busy time of year to add anything new to their management plan,” Hanson said. “SP-1 Classic solves that problem with a simple, affordable and easy application that helps protect crops against times of stress but doesn’t burden growers with another field pass or separate management practice.”

SP-1 Classic is OMRI-listed and can be tank-mixed with other commonly used post-emergence products, including glyphosate, and is recommended for inclusion with traditional spring and early summer weed-and-feed spray regimes.

SP-1 Classic is available now, through select ag retail locations or by visiting www.dphbio.com.