Vive Crop Protection, A&L Biological Unveil R&D Collaboration

Published online: Mar 08, 2023 Articles
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Toronto, Ontario – A&L Biological, Inc. a subsidiary of A&L Canada Laboratories East of London, Ontario, and Vive Crop Protection Inc. of Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario have announced a new partnership to bring biological solutions to North American crop markets.

This collaboration is designed to harness the marketing and technical strengths of each partner to expand the application of existing products and advance the development of future products. The partnership also will expand and accelerate Vive Crop Protection’s biological portfolio and facilitate A&L Biologicals’ objective of securing market penetration of its microbial library.

A&L brings its proprietary microbial library to the partnership, along with continued research and development capacity, while Vive Crop Protection brings its Allosperse Delivery Technology and an established sales and marketing team to ensure higher velocity of bringing biological products to market.

“The collaboration with A&L Biological is an exciting milestone as Vive expands its biological portfolio. We continuously strive to deliver more value to growers,” says Darren Anderson, CEO for Vive Crop Protection. “Biological crop protection products provide a new and important option in the agricultural toolbox, particularly when combined with traditional synthetic chemistry. Together, Vive and A&L are committed to research and development efforts that accelerate discoveries in breakthrough biologicals for adoption across more acres.”

“This partnership provides the structure needed to fully develop new biological products and technology. The strengths of each company create a formidable team with a platform for success,” says Greg Patterson, CEO for A&L Canada Laboratories.

Successfully achieving this key milestone, the two companies are now entering into the next phase of their partnership and will explore multiple biological actives for development into plant health and or bio control products.