Critical Component Of The Restorative Soils Program Patented 

Published online: Mar 18, 2023 New Products
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East Hartford, CT — After much dedicated work, BioSafe Systems has been awarded US patent number 11439151 B2 titled “Process For Treating an Agricultural Medium.” The patent establishes the company’s innovative  and original idea and qualifies its development of the Restorative Soils Program as a vital tool for the future of the industry.

This process starts with a soil treatment of aqueous peroxyacetic acid (PAA) to diminish levels of  soilborne plant pathogenic organisms. Next, an application of complementary beneficial rhizobacteria  and biostimulants is introduced to fortify a diverse soil ecosystem that supports and promotes optimal plant health. BioSafe Systems’ Restorative Soils Program is designed to rebalance and enhance your soil’s microbiome to deliver a solid foundation for planting your investment.  

BioSafe Systems has worked for 25 years innovating ways to supplement conventional methods with its sustainable chemistry. As a biopesticide company the company takes chemical use, and its reverberations through the environment, very seriously. Its proprietary formulations work to protect the future of agribusiness while we remain steadfast stewards of the environment. 

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