Case IH Expands, Upgrades Vestrum Series With New Models

Published online: Mar 07, 2023 New Products
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Racine, Wisconsin - Case IH is adding two models to the lineup of Vestrum series tractors — Vestrum 110 and Vestrum?120 — plus upgrading the Vestrum 100 and Vestrum 130 models.

The Vestrum?110 tractor will reach up to 88 PTO horsepower, while the new Vestrum 120 tractor will achieve up to 102?PTO horsepower.* The Vestrum series is proven to deliver efficient power to tackle the heaviest of jobs while not compromising premium comfort in a compact design.

Introduced in 2020, the Vestrum is one of the first premium tractors to deliver versatility, comfort and high-horsepower in a smaller design.

“We are excited to offer customers an expanded range of model options and cab upgrades to continue to improve the user experience,” said J.E. Cadle, Case IH mid-range tractor marketing manager. “The Vestrum series is the perfect choice for those needing exceptional maneuverability, power and cab comfort in one compact package.”

New And Improved Features

Vestrum now offers an optional panoramic high-visibility roof for an unobstructed view of the loader up to full lift height. Additional cab updates include a low-mount front wiper for a larger cleaning area that parks low to ensure maximum visibility and a new in-cab cool box to keep food and drinks chilled all day — making longer days more comfortable. Vestrum comes standard with a mix of mechanical and electronic remotes, in addition to new all-electronic remotes option.

Other updated features include a loader joystick with a forward/reverse shuttle and a new Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Pro 700 Plus touch-screen monitor.

Built To Tackle Many Tasks

Operators can continue to expect the MultiControl Armrest to keep all key controls within reach. The Vestrum series also will continue to be available with two transmission options: CVXDrive continuously variable transmission and ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission.

The CVXDrive provides the most efficient gear ratio and engine speed to achieve target ground speed. This transmission option is ideal for hilly terrain or frequent load changes. The ActiveDrive 8 dual-clutch transmission is a 24-speed gear box that is easy to shift and requires no manual range changes.

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*At 2,200 ERPM rated engine speed.