BioSafe Systems Celebrates 25 Years Of Positive Change

Published online: Mar 12, 2023 Articles
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For 25 years, BioSafe Systems’ mission has been to manufacture effective chemistry that  protects crops, people, and the planet. The brand is built on a creative and collaborative effort to  change mindsets about sustainable chemistry’s successful work in the field.

Even with a strong business model and an action plan, the longevity of a progressive company is dependent on the intersection of  a strong purpose and a proactive, collaborative team.  

Its relationships with customers have contributed to its growth with their business, their support, their open communication with the company about their pain points and success stories. Its progress as a company is based on knowledge gained from a nationwide network of representatives who create a bridge of communication between headquarters and customers.

The company proudly celebrates being an influential presence in the sustainable chemistry industry and leading in peroxyacetic acid (PAA) use for the protection of plants, water, people, and the planet. 

“It has been a unique privilege to watch BioSafe Systems develop from our humble beginnings in my dad’s basement to the company we are today,” said Lauren Crane, President and CEO. “We strive to develop sustainable products that have  a positive impact on the earth and benefit future generations. It may not always be the easy way, but it’s the right way. We continue building relationships and helping people when they need it, including our  customers, partners, and employees. I am grateful for all we’ve accomplished in the past 25 years; I’m  honored to lead the company and excited for the next 25 years.”

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