Bayer Announces EPA Approval Of Luna Pro Fungicide

New Bayer potato fungicide offers growers control of early blight, white mold and other key potato diseases

Published online: Mar 06, 2023 New Products
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St. Louis – Bayer has announced the new product Luna Pro fungicide. Luna Pro is a premium premix fungicide that provides both foliar and soilborne disease control in potatoes.

The newest addition to the Bayer potato portfolio utilizes prothioconazole, a DMI foliar fungicide, and fluopyram, an SDHI fungicide. DMIs work by hindering the growth of certain fungi on a cellular level, which helps to improve overall plant health and increase yield potential. Luna Pro is the first DMI-containing foliar fungicide offered by Bayer for potatoes.

The combination of two proven active ingredients, fluopyram (FRAC group 7) and prothioconazole (FRAC group 3), offers a strong defense against early blight, white mold and other key potato diseases. The addition of prothioconazole provides a second mode of action with rotational flexibility and increased resistance management. Luna Pro utilizes a combination of systemic active ingredients that provides protection throughout the plant helping growers deliver excellent crops to market.

“Luna Pro is a powerful potato fungicide that helps growers fight against problematic diseases that threaten their yield potential,” says Ryan Allen, U.S. Product Manager – Fruit and Vegetable Fungicides and Biologics for Bayer. “We’re excited to add Luna Pro to the highly effective 75-Day IPM portfolio offered by Bayer as a new solution for potato growers.”

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