MountainKing Expands Crawfish Offerings With New Three-Pound Medley, Gold Boil-in-Bag Packs

Published online: Feb 06, 2023 Articles
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Houston, TX – With springtime crawfish boils just around the corner, MountainKing Potatoes has introduced two new offerings designed to help its grocer partners capitalize on the half-billion-dollar season that now spans far beyond its Louisiana roots.

Long known for its popular Crawfish B-Red potatoes, MountainKing has added a three-pound Crawfish Medley Pack and three-pound Crawfish Gold Pack perfect for backyard gatherings and large, multi-day festivals. All three crawfish packs are packaged in handy mesh bags which can be dropped straight into a pot without removing the product from the bag. The boil-n-bag feature also keeps the petite-sized potatoes separated from other ingredients.

“Every year our crawfish season gets bigger and better,” says Andres Trettin, MountainKing’s director of marketing. “It’s a testament to just how popular crawfish boils have become outside of Louisiana.”

He adds the smaller-sized potatoes in MountainKing’s crawfish packs appeal to the growing popularity of pre-sized, petite varieties. Plus, their waxy texture and high moisture content help maintain their shape after boiling.

Retail grocer point-of-sale support for the Red, Gold and Medley Crawfish Packs includes high-graphic half-size bins, custom display signage and optional display sleeves for additional secondary displays. Retail partners also can take advantage of the program’s collaborative social media support.

Trettin adds retailers have experienced elevated sales by cross promoting MountainKing’s crawfish packs with fresh crawfish and other seafood. Crawfish season also is known to spurs sales for lemons, onions, garlic and mushrooms.

“The season is really a produce manager’s dream,” he says. “It’s like a Super Bowl weekend, but every weekend for about four months.”

Fifty-pound foodservice sacks and graphic table tent cards are available for restaurants.

MountainKing Potatoes is one of the world’s largest growers of high-flavor potato varieties. Currently, about one million U.S. households enjoy MountainKing products every week.

To learn more, visit or call (713) 923-5807.

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