BRANDT Re-Launches Its Product Finder App

Published online: Feb 24, 2023 Articles
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Springfield, Ill. – BRANDT, a leading manufacturer of specialty agriculture products and a retailer of agronomic services, has overhauled its popular BRANDT Product Finder app. This update re-imagines the app, incorporating new features, a clean, simplified design and a modern user interface.

The BRANDT Product Finder app now allows users to search by product category (Plant Nutrition, Adjuvant, Plant Protection, etc.), crop (corn, soybeans, almonds, etc.) or micronutrient ingredient (boron, sulfur, zinc, etc.). Whether they are searching for products to address a particular deficiency or simply looking for the best products for their crop, users will get the right products for success.

"The BRANDT Product Finder app is now even more powerful with enhanced search and an elegant design,” said Karl Barnhart, BRANDT Chief Marketing Officer. "We’ve fundamentally redesigned everything with the user in mind. With this new app, we are making it even easier for our customers to make smarter decisions."

The new version of the BRANDT Product Finder app retains the features that users are used to. It is designed to be mobile native, optimized for mobile devices and tablets. Each BRANDT product features a safety data sheet, label and brochure. And the app's personalized library feature allows users to save products for quick retrieval and offline viewing, share product documents, and find contact information for local BRANDT sales reps and retailers.

The BRANDT Product Finder app is free for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Just search "BRANDT Product Finder” or click the links below. 

For iOS, tap HERE

For Android, tap HERE

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