Vive Named Co-Recipient Of NSERC’s Synergy Award For Innovation

Published online: Nov 10, 2022 Articles
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Toronto, ON- Vive Crop Protection has been recognized as the co-recipient of the distinguished Synergy Award for Innovation from the National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) alongside Dr. Cynthia Goh, a professor of physical chemistry at the University of Toronto.

The Synergy Award for Innovation recognizes the thriving partnership between Dr. Goh and Vive. Former students of Goh’s, Vive CEO Dr. Darren Anderson and co-founder Dr. Jordan Dinglasan collaborated with Goh’s research to create the breakthrough technology powering Vive today, the Allosperse Delivery System. This technology has enabled the precision delivery of pesticides to enhance crop production all while reducing environmental impact.

“Vive Crop Protection is honored to recognized as the co-recipient of this award in partnership with my former Ph.D. advisor Dr. Cynthia Goh,” says Anderson. “Goh’s research into nanomaterials and entrepreneurial support is what lead Vive to launch and grow seven products into the US agriculture market successfully.”

Vive saw the potential for Goh’s innovative research to develop new products that aligned with its Precision Chemistry approach, which aims to make existing chemical and biological active ingredients easier to use, more effective and more targeted. Vive launched its first product incorporating Goh’s research in 2017, and its success made Vive one of the fastest growing companies in Canada by 2020.

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