Reinke, Freewave Technologies Announce Partnership To Optimize Collection Of Irrigation Data

Published online: Oct 30, 2022 Irrigation
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Deshler, Neb. – Reinke Manufacturing, a leader in precision irrigation equipment, and FreeWave Technologies, a leader in industrial wireless connectivity, announced a partnership to simplify data connectivity between irrigation systems and the cloud, making way for another best-in-class hardware line-up for Reinke’s ReinCloud-Ready products. 

With years of agriculture experience between the two companies, Reinke and FreeWave will simplify how data is collected through FreeWave’s Fusion global wireless technology. This collaboration enables growers to access real-time event-based irrigation data over a robust radio network, giving them total control without worrying about connectivity gaps. 

FreeWave’s technology will deliver the data to Reinke’s ReinCloud ag-data service. ReinCloud’s easy-to-use and customizable dashboard allows growers to organize data in a way that works for their operation. Data can be arranged by property, zone and equipment. ReinCloud will send notifications to a smart device based on insights from the field. Irrigation systems can be operated remotely from any place, at any time, while giving growers information on how operations are progressing.

Reinke is always looking for ways to improve how data is gathered for growers,” said Chris Roth, president of Reinke. “FreeWave is also committed to this process. The irrigation system can be operated remotely from any place, at any time, giving the growers freedom and time savings.”

Using technology can quickly change business models for the better. It’s great to see Reinke offering our data-connectivity solutions for growers. Together, we’re able to give them the ability to better focus on their fields and crops and have the data wherever they are, whenever they need it, to garner better yields,” said Kirk Byles, FreeWave CEO. “The ReinCloud Ready series of solutions is just the beginning of our partnership with Reinke.”

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