Cover More Acres With Sentera PHX Fixed-Wing Drone

Sentera announces key enhancements to drive efficiency from the field to the office

Published online: Oct 30, 2022 New Products
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St. Paul, Minn. – Sentera, the industry leading real-time ag analytics platform powered by machine learning, announced that it has released a series of enhancements to its fixed-wing PHX ag drone, helping pilots capture quality high-resolution imagery even faster.  

“From capturing stand count to understand crop health performance throughout the season, ag drone technology captures real-time data across all acres,” said Matt Skelton, aerospace engineer, Sentera. “With the PHX, capture more data faster – driving efficiency and helping prioritize where to focus time in the field.”  

New enhancements to the PHX are designed to do make it easier to fly and capture data for drone pilots of all experience levels. These include: 

  • Enhanced and seamless integration with the Double 4K Sensor from Sentera, which simplifies post-processing when paired with seamless sensor feedback in the Fly PHX app.
  • Precision landing improvements, which included some updates to the system’s real-time estimation and control techniques to improve landing accuracy by over 300 percent.
  • Usability enhancements to improve the flying experience for the PHX, which includes updates to the Fly PHX app to make it easier to plan missions and fly, as well as overall system improvements to enhance flight time.  

“With the PHX, I can cover more ground faster, which has been instrumental to building relationships with my growers,” said Colby Woods, owner, Woods Ag Services. “Thousands of acres are captured much faster than other methods, all without sacrificing the quality of the imagery.”  

Since its launch in 2017, users across the world have captured millions of acres with the PHX, which typically can capture the same ground three times faster as vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones.  

Paired with the Double 4K Sensor from Sentera, it is the most versatile ag drone system on the market. The Double 4K Sensor is available in several models to adapt to the user’s specific needs; whether focused on detecting weeds, capturing multispectral imagery for crop health analysis, or uncovering yield predictions with Tassel Count capabilities. 

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