Aroostook (Maine) Potato Farmers Are Ready With Extra Storage After 2021’s Stellar Crop

Published online: Oct 06, 2022 Articles Paula Brewer, Bangor Daily News
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Presque Isle, Maine — With about half of Aroostook County’s potato crop out of the ground, some farmers are already using extra storage they planned after last year’s bumper crop.

At least right now, there’s no word of farmers running out of storage space, said Don Flannery, Maine Potato Board executive director. Last year, some growers sought storage space at the former Loring Air Force Base in Limestone because there were so many spuds they ran out of places to put them.

Maine’s No. 1 crop brought in sales topping $209 million last year, up from $152 million in 2020. After a stellar 2021 crop that yielded 20 percent above normal, growers have to be wondering if it can happen again. Whether it does or not, farmers are preparing extra storage just in case.

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