Potatoes USA Reappoints 2022-23 Finance And Policy Committee Chair

Published online: Sep 02, 2022 Articles
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Denver – Jeff Jennings of Camden, North Carolina, was reappointed to the Potatoes USA Executive Committee on March 9, 2022 at the organization’s annual meeting in Denver, Colorado.

Jennings is starting his fifth year on the Board and will serve his third year as Chair of the Finance and Policy Committee.

Jennings is the President at John E. Ferebee Farming and works alongside his wife, Susan Ferebee, Vice President, and his sister-in-law, Martha Ferebee, the Secretary-Treasurer. Also involved in the operations are his three sons and a nephew, who are the eighth generation of farmers. John E. Ferebee Farming primarily produces white, red, and yellow potatoes. In addition to Jennings’ role on the Potatoes USA Board, he is also the President of the Camden County, North Carolina Farm Bureau and is a member of the North Carolina Potato Association.

“As Chair of the Committee, I am focused on making sure the financials run smoothly and look forward to what this next year holds,” says Jennings.

The Finance and Policy Committee is responsible for oversight of Potatoes USA financial information and making recommendations to the Executive Committee on finance and policy related matters, including the annual budget. The Committee also oversees the audit process.

For more information, visit PotatoesUSA.com.