Arva Intelligence Joins USDA Partnerships For Climate-Smart Commodities

Published online: Sep 24, 2022 Articles
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Houston, Texas (AgPR) — Arva Intelligence has announced its participation in three proposals selected for award by the USDA’s new initiative to fund sustainability and climate solutions in agriculture.
Recently, the USDA publicized its investment of $2.8 billion in 70 selected projects under the first Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities funding pool. Arva Intelligence is honored to support its colleagues USA Rice Federation, Winrock International Institute for Agriculture Development and Global Clean Energy Holdings in these projects.
Arva will be providing its cloud-based, machine learning-enabled software to collect data and validate on-farm regenerative practices undertaken by participants. Use of the Arva platform will support the initiative to create value-added marketing opportunities for these farmers’ commodities by providing a robust and validated data set that supports farmer activities. This dataset will provide integrity and assurance, leading to de-risked carbon intensity and sustainability claims on which CPG and other buyers can depend.
Rice Stewardship for Climate-Smart Commodities - $80 million funding ceiling
This project will build climate-smart rice markets and work to reduce methane emissions in rice production through the adoption of alternate wetting and drying, furrow irrigation, and other climate-smart practices and support underserved producers by improving critical infrastructure necessary to implement climate-smart practices in the future.
Growing Value for Producers - $20 million funding ceiling
This project will create and pilot-test a farmer-friendly system that builds capacity with institutions interacting with a range of producers, including underserved producers, to support adoption of climate- smart practices and interact with commodity buyers in climate-smart markets.
Climate-Smart Camelina - $30 million funding ceiling
This large-scale pilot project aims to measure and validate the climate-smart advantages of camelina sativa in both rotational and winter cover crop production systems and build associate climate-smart biofuels markets. The project will accelerate farmer adoption of camelina as a non-food crop grown on idle acres to produce more plant-based feedstock for renewable biofuels and chemicals with low carbon intensity and no land-use change while increasing carbon capture in the soil.
Arva Intelligence will be releasing more information about the status and success of the projects as the data has been processed and results become available. To learn more about Arva Intelligence’s machine learning empowered field trial process, visit or contact Jay McEntire at