Albaugh Announces Facilities Expansion In St. Joseph, Missouri

Published online: Sep 21, 2022 Articles
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Ankney, IA — Albaugh has announced the expansion of its flagship North American manufacturing facility, located in St. Joseph, Missouri.

In 2021, Albaugh purchased an additional 25 acres of property across the street from the St. Joseph facility. Albaugh's expansion on this new property is part of the investments recently announced to substantially increase its global production of 2,4-D, but the expansion will also add infrastructure that will allow for increased production capacity across many other product lines as well.

The expansion in St. Joseph will include a multi-acre distribution center for finished products with Full Truckload and Less than Truckload capabilities, as well as specialized production equipment for smaller pack sizes. The expansion will also allow for the very important restructuring of the main St. Joseph facility to accommodate increased production needs. 

“Albaugh is one of the largest manufacturers of crop protection products in North America,” Douglas Kaye, President, Albaugh North America, said. “Our St. Joseph facility is centrally located within the U.S. and provides several operational and logistical advantages that allow us to deliver quality products conveniently and efficiently. We are investing in this expansion to service the growing demands of our U.S. customers.”

With the acquisition of the new property, Albaugh's footprint in St. Joseph now includes 75 acres of production and warehousing space, with additional ground for future expansion. Construction on the new facility is underway with target completion slated for early Q2 of 2023.

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