New Labeled Capabilities For OxiDate 5.0*

Published online: May 17, 2022 New Products
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East Hartford, CT—The OxiDate 5.0 label finally reflects the full scope of this keystone chemistry’s capabilities. Chief among the label improvements, OxiDate 5.0 has removed the stipulation that prevented it from being used during bloom.

BioSafe Systems' own extensive research has proven OxiDate 5.0 does not harm bees or beneficial pollinators circulating crops and maintains its effective mode of action during bloom. By assuring that the OxiDate 5.0 chemistry poses no threat to bees or pollinators, the company is adding applications for pre-plant treatment and in-season soil treatments. Plus, OxiDate 5.0 is now approved for organic, foliar chemigation applications.

OxiDate 5.0 uses its proprietary PAA-based chemistry to kill plant pathogens on contact, and eliminate algae, bacteria and fungi. OxiDate 5.0 prevents disease or, in the case of an outbreak, can stop the disease from spreading. BioSafe Systems recommends using OxiDate 5.0 in every tank, for every spray. This product provides a sustainable and cost-effective preventative measure known as “The Disease Disruptor.”

OxiDate 5.0 works best by surface contact with plants and full coverage is critical to product performance. Product application rates and instructions have been clarified and optimized for the user's ease. For tank-mix recommendations and to check compatibility with common brands and conventional chemistries, BioSafe Systems provides an OxiDate 5.0 Compatibility Guide. OxiDate 5.0 Compatibility Guide.

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*Always read and follow label directions. Not all products and applications are registered in every state,