Herbicide Buyers' Guide

Published online: Apr 11, 2022 Herbicide, New Products
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This buyers' guide appears in the April 2022 issue of Potato Grower.

Since the day Adam and Eve left Eden, farmers have had to contend with weeds encroaching on their crops’ territory and robbing their precious resources. These days, weeds are smarter than ever, always finding new ways to fight back. With the help of the products in our buyers’ guide, you can keep those pesky plant pests at bay.

Always read and follow label instructions. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status.


Oro Agri

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ORO-RZ adjuvant improves the efficacy of soil-applied pesticides and nutrients. When tank-mixed, it improves soil hydraulic conductivity, even in hydroscopic soils, to move the pesticide into soil pore spaces to uniformly distribute the application in the soil profile for improved disease, insect or weed control. ORO-RZ, when applied with nutrients such as NANOCAL, floods the root zone with available nutrients to boost efficient uptake by the feeder roots.

ORO-RZ also contributes to soil health. Its very low surface tension allows it to flow into micro-pores within the soil profile, leading to improved aeration and water penetration. It also helps to break up areas of hydroscopic soil. These improvements to aeration, water penetration, and soil structure encourage microbial growth and root development, leading to a healthier soil environment.





Outlook herbicide for residual weed control in potatoes provides greater activity in the weed germination zone for improved uptake and superior control of the toughest annual grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds. Suitable for all tillage systems, Outlook herbicide washes off crop residue more readily, binds more tightly to the soil to minimize leaching, and can be activated with as little as ¼ inch of rain or overhead irrigation.


WinField United


UltraLock Adjuvant

New UltraLock adjuvant, an all-purpose drift and deposition aid exclusively from WinField United, takes on herbicide resistance, enhancing herbicide drift prevention and helping growers achieve better weed control.

UltraLock plays a key role in managing weed outbreaks. It combines an exclusive drift reduction agent (DRA) with InterLock, a drift reduction technology (DRT), to improve spray deposition. The result is 20% more leaf coverage than other DRAs, allowing more product to be intercepted by the plant for better weed control.

Compatible across herbicide programs, UltraLock helps enhance canopy depth by ensuring more active ingredient reaches the target for more effective applications, helping fight herbicide resistance. This includes reducing dicamba drift through its patent-pending formulation.

There are a lot of components growers need to include in their tank mixes, which can be challenging, especially with supply chain issues. Choosing the right adjuvant can help alleviate some herbicide supply constraints, but it can also mean the difference between 50% and 90% weed control.

UltraLock is available to farmers now for the 2022 growing season.



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TRIPZIN ZC herbicide (HRAC 3, 5) is a unique combination of two active ingredients in an innovative formulation. Designed for pre-emergent and at-planting applications to provide consistent, long-residual control of a wide weed spectrum, TRIPZIN is the ideal foundation for any resistance management program.


Deal a swift blow to tough broadleaves and grasses with the two-in-one power of MOCCASIN MTZ herbicide (HRAC 15). High loads of S-metolachlor and metribuzin combine to provide outstanding weed control right at the outset, with extended residual control to keep weeds down. And with two effective modes of action, growers get improved resistance management and superior control of small-seeded broadleaf and grass weeds, including pigweed species, waterhemp, ragweed and marestail.


SAN Agrow (formerly Westbridge)

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SUPPRESS Herbicide EC is a safe and highly effective tool for organic and conventional weed management programs. It is registered as a broad-spectrum contact herbicide for post-emergent, non-selective weed control for use in and around all food and non-food crop areas. SUPPRESS is also approved as a desiccant and harvest aid in potatoes. The proprietary and patented formulation is a non-volatile, emulsifiable concentrate that is OMRI- and WSDA-approved for use in certified organic food production.

With years of university testing and grower-proven efficacy, SUPPRESS consistently provides fast and effective burndown in a wide variety of weeds. It is also a great tank-mix partner to enhance conventional herbicide efficacy, and is an excellent IPM tool to rotate with conventional herbicides to minimize resistance. SUPPRESS is low-foaming, easy to use, and has no pre-harvest interval, so it can be applied up to the day of harvest.




Aim EC

Aim EC herbicide from FMC targets leaves and stems for complete potato desiccation. The herbicide should be applied as a foliar to potatoes in the later stages of senescence for desiccation of foliage and vines. Aim EC herbicide also desiccates late-season susceptible broadleaf weeds (including kochia, lambsquarters, nightshade and more) to aid tuber harvest.



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Boundary 6.5 EC

With a combination of the active ingredient metribuzin and Dual Magnum herbicide, Boundary 6.5 EC herbicide delivers hard-hitting pre-emergence control plus long-lasting residual control to keep grass and broadleaf weeds out after potato emergence.

Dual Magnum

Recommended as a pre-plant surface-applied, pre-plant incorporated or pre-emergence application, Dual Magnum herbicide is powerful chemistry that provides excellent control of grasses, nutsedge and small-seeded broadleaf weeds.

Gramoxone SL 3.0

Formulated for optimum efficiency, the increased active ingredient load of Gramoxone SL 3.0 leads to lower application volumes and reduced handling. Backed by knowledgeable Syngenta field sales representatives and agronomists, Gramoxone SL 3.0 provides trusted brand performance against tough grasses and broadleaf weeds.


By eliminating troublesome vines and weeds, Reglone allows potatoes to develop a firm skin set, protecting harvest quality for optimal yield. With its flexible application methods, Reglone allows for a more efficient harvest through both conventional ground and aerial sprayers and doesn’t leave harmful soil residues behind.


Miller Chemical

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Sustain Adjuvant

Sustain is a new, unique class of adjuvant with non-ionic properties based on Miller Chemical’s proprietary Pinolene technology. This adjuvant is designed to improve the contact, wetting and adhesion of pesticides and fertilizers on plant and soil surfaces. Sustain forms a soft, microscopic film that polymerizes, protecting spray deposits from rainfall erosion, volatility, and ultraviolet (UV) degradation.

Sustain is effective in limiting the leaching and migration of soil active herbicides. Once applied, it begins to polymerize and form an elastic, microscopic film in the environment. This, in turn, helps to provide longevity of herbicides in the root and shoot zone, thereby maximizing herbicide activity in the target area and reducing leaching.