New Product: Clariant Adjuwex Adjuvants

Published online: Mar 16, 2022 Articles, Herbicide, New Products
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Regulatory pressure, more herbicide-resistant weeds, climate change, evolving consumer needs. As challenges in tackling weed desiccation and re-growth escalate for crop farmers, Clariant offers the support of Adjuwex, a new high-performing set of tested products to tailor-make effective glufosinate formulations for local circumstances and needs.

Glufosinate formulations have emerged among the most promising candidates in the urgent search for alternative herbicide solutions to ensure vital crop growth and, ultimately, global food security. However, a one-size-fits-all formulation does not exist. The most effective composition can vary widely, based on a variety of aspects including climate, soil, the crop and application conditions.

“A deep understanding of individual needs is essential for effective weed and growth control based on glufosinate. And this is where Adjuwex will offer a much-needed smart, helping hand to our customers,” says Fabio Caravieri, head of global marketing, BU industrial and consumer specialties at Clariant. “We have merged our wide-ranging global expertise in crop protection and conducted extensive tests to determine the needs of glufosinate formulations and boost their effects in the field, under many different conditions. The result is a versatile set of adjuvant products and formulation options, backed by global technical support. It gives customers the flexibility and confidence to tailor their formulations to their own conditions and needs.”

To help customers choose the optimal glufosinate-based formulation for their challenge and country, the toolbox supports crop protection companies on practical as well biological efficacy and yield-related considerations. It ensures customers benefit from effective weed desiccation and prevention of re-growth by addressing priorities like drift control, rainfastness, and all-round boosting of bio-efficacy through active ingredient compatibility. The products show very good performance compared to current prominent sector alternatives, proven in lab and field tests.

Adjuwex is unique in offering solutions suited to new application technologies, including drones. Moreover, the products have been extensively trialed in several crops worldwide for precision farming.

Discover more about ADJUWEX support in this video.

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