John Deere Celebrates and Supports Modern Agriculture

Published online: Mar 29, 2022 Articles
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Farmers and ranchers are employing technology and innovation to feed the world.

So, how is this being done and what equipment are they using?

Smart technology in John Deere equipment helps farmers produce more with less, creating more successful crops while having a smaller impact on the land and environment.

John Deere was in Washington, D.C., on National Ag Day, to advocate on behalf of U.S. farmers and ranchers

A nationwide media tour was conducted featuring John Deere ag equipment on the National Mall and highlighted Deere’s purpose for being there in DC -- to discuss the technology and innovation farmers are employing today to feed the world.

The world’s population is set to grow to nearly 10 billion people by 2050, so the global food demand will increase by 50%. There are projections that the population may grow to 10.9 billion by 2100. To reduce hunger and serve a growing population, we need to increase agricultural productivity by 60 to 70%.

The only way to create greater food production while using less and protecting the environment is through smart machines that automate an increasing portion of the difficult job of farming to create more consistency, precision, and efficiency.

It’s incredibly important to farmers to protect the quality of their land and the environment, as they depend on the land and the world’s other resources to survive and thrive. The more precisely and efficiently famers can use inputs like chemicals, the more sustainable and profitable their operations are.

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