Fertilizers & Growth Promoters Buyers' Guide

Published online: Mar 02, 2022 Articles, Fertilizer, New Products
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This buyers' guide appears in the March 2022 issue of Potato Grower.

Few things are as good for the soul as the sight of a field of knee-high potato plants in full bloom. As you very well know, however, it’s not always an easy matter getting those plants to that point; even barring disease and drought, it takes a lot of careful consideration and application to raise a healthy crop. Here, you’ll find much of the latest technology in growth promotion for potatoes.

Always read and follow label instructions. Some products may not be registered for sale or use in all states or counties. Please check with your state or local extension service to ensure registration status.


Locus Agricultural Solutions

(888) 331-5008


Locus AG Soil Amendments

To help growers address the rising costs of phosphorous, nitrogen and other synthetic inputs, Locus Agricultural Solutions has expanded its lineup of microbial soil amendments—or soil probiotic technologies—that optimize nutrient utilization, water use efficiency and crop performance. The company has introduced four new dry formulations of its Rhizolizer and Pantego solutions, featuring strategically selected strains that target specific crops. The customized approach unlocks nutrients already present in the soil. 

The new soil technologies utilize the unique mechanisms of action of the current Rhizolizer Duo and Pantego formulations, which have been globally recognized by agriculture experts for unmatched benefits ranging from superior nitrogen use efficiency and supercharged carbon sequestration to better phosphorus solubilization.

Locus AG’s specialized microbial strains produce unique biosurfactants, enzymes and metabolites that work synergistically to supercharge their impact on soil health, root health, nutrient uptake and crop productivity.



Polysulphate Fertilizer

Polysulphate fertilizer from ICL is a soluble, easily absorbed, cost-effective answer to crop nutrition, containing four key plant-available nutrients—sulfur, potassium, magnesium and calcium—in one mineral crystal. Innovative and highly versatile, this natural, multi-nutrient mineral is low in chloride and crop-safe, suitable for use alone or in blends and compound fertilizers.

This OMRI-listed organic product has no additional chemicals or binders, making for one of the lowest carbon footprints of any fertilizer. Polysulphate is very safe—it is pH-neutral, with low salt and chloride levels.

Huma Gro

(480) 970-7525

Max Pak

Huma Gro Max Pak is a liquid micronutrient formulation containing a carbon-complexed, highly stable source of many important micronutrients. Max Pak is leaf-friendly, salt-buffered, and formulated with Micro Carbon Technology to ensure maximum uptake and translocation of nutrients.

Super Phos

Huma Gro Super Phos carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology can be foliar-applied according to label directions without the risk of phytotoxicity. When soil-applied, it keeps phosphate available and soluble in the soil solution for rapid uptake by plant roots without being blocked by clays, metal ions or organic matter. Phosphate encourages the production of amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates necessary for cellular division.


Huma Gro’s plant growth manager, Breakout complexed with Micro Carbon Technology, is designed to stimulate the natural production of auxin and cytokinin type hormones within the plant. Additionally, Breakout enhances bud initiation, flowering and fruit set through the activation of amino acids, vitamins and phosphorus transportation toward the root and shoots of the plant. When applied to soils, Breakout is an effective fibrous root stimulant that enhances root mass.


Vitol stimulates the natural production of gibberellins within the plant for vegetative development and fruit sizing. It increases the energy output of the plant, which helps move it smoothly through its growth stages. It also improves plant recovery from environmental stresses during peak crop demand periods. When soil applied, Vitol acts as a root stimulant, elongating root growth that is critical in taproot crops.

Omex USA

(559) 661-6138


SLYCE Ca8% is derived from calcium nitrate and humic acid. These primary components act to greatly increase soil-available fertility, especially when applied after granular fertilizers, by reacting with those materials to release their components for a faster and more efficient effect. SLYCE increases the organic matter of soil and improves soil structure; accordingly, it promotes the buffering power and nutrient capacity of soil.

SLYCE Ca8% also helps regulate pH of soil. The humus in it helps stabilize nitrogen storage and free up phosphorus and micronutrients to make them more easily available to plants. It makes beneficial fungi more and increases soil fertility and permeability.

UPL North America

(610) 491-2800

Zeba Soil Conditioner

Zeba is an innovation that helps plants produce more by holding water and nutrients in the root zone and releasing them to plants throughout the growing season. Zeba is a natural, starch-based water absorbent. It absorbs up to 400 times its weight in water, forming hydrogels around the roots in the rhizosphere.

Zeba’s activity in the soil reduces irrigation inconsistencies; increases water and nutrient availability; improves overall soil conditioning properties; supports soil microbes; and ultimately results in reduced plant stress.

CHS Agronomy


Levesol Zn

Levesol Zn is a zinc solution chelated with ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate. Levesol Zn is designed to significantly enhance the nutrient availability when applied with liquid starter fertilizers, leveling up in-furrow applications.

It increases the length of time zinc is available to the plant while simultaneously boosting the availability of zinc, phosphorus and other micronutrients already present in the soil. The enhanced nutrient availability increases speed of emergence, overall plant health and, ultimately, yield.

Levesol Zn can be blended with most primary, secondary or micronutrients as well as crop protection products. It acts as a compatibility aid, improving the longevity of compatibility with a wider range of starter fertilizer options.


Levesol works to unlock nutrients in the soil, allowing nutrients to become more available, and mobilizing within the plant for season-long activity. Levesol is powered by CHS’s patented ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate, designed to significantly enhance nutrient availability when applied with liquid starter fertilizers, taking in-furrow applications to a whole new level.

The concentration of Levesol’s patented ortho-ortho EDDHA chelate is so strong and pure that it also makes other micronutrients in the soil soluble for update. It boosts availability of phosphorus, zinc and other key micronutrients in the plant. Enhanced nutrient availability increases early growth, overall plant health and, ultimately, yield. Levesol can be blended with most primary, secondary or micronutrients as well as crop protection products.

Westbridge Agricultural Products

(800) 876-2767


Soil TRIGGRR and Foliar TRIGGRR are liquid plant growth regulators containing natural plant extracts. They provide plants with the energy boost they need by increasing photosynthesis, which leads to enhanced nutrient and water uptake and a stronger root system. Soil TRIGGRR and Foliar TRIGGRR work in combination with Westbridge’s Organic BioLink Nutritional Program to promote good root development, improve seedling vigor, and control tuber size and uniformity. The program enhances starter and pre-plant fertilizer efficiency and increases tuber specific gravity. Enhanced fertilizer efficiency may lengthen the growing season and increase starch deposition.

When applied at key times during the growing cycle, Soil TRIGGRR and Foliar TRIGGRR, along with the Organic BioLink Nutritional Program, can improve potato grade and increase yield. 


(800) 678-9029


Plant-available phosphorus is important for more and larger tubers. Pro-Germinator, through proprietary manufacturing technology, contains both ortho-phosphate and carbon-protected polymer phosphate to provide both readily available and controlled-release phosphorus with minimal danger of tie-up in the soil. This controlled release of nutrients provides needed nutrients at planting, hook stage, tuber initiation, and on through flowering and bulking. Pro-Germinator is used primarily for the application of phosphorus but also includes nitrogen, potassium and micronutrients for maximum performance.


Potatoes use more potassium than any other nutrient. Potassium is required for nutrient movement in the potato plant. It is essential for the makeup of over 40 different enzymes and is involved in more than 60 different enzyme systems in plants. Potassium is also important in the formation of sugars and starches in plants. In potatoes, potassium influences tuber size, specific gravity, blackspot bruise susceptibility, after-cooking darkening, sugar content, fry color and storage quality. Kalibrate is a highly efficient carbon-chelated liquid potassium that, when applied at planting or side-dress, is taken up from the soil along the length of young, fibrous roots. Potassium is transported in all directions among plant organs in response to metabolic demand. Kalibrate also contains 6 percent sulfur, another essential nutrient for potatoes.

JABB of the Carolinas

(919) 965-9007

SBb 2.5

SBb 2.5 utilizes a natural symbiotic fungus, Beauveria bassiana, that lives in the soil, roots, stems and leaves. It is applied as an inoculant at planting with no target disease or insect specified. Upon germination, SBb 2.5 is activated and forms an integrated network within the plant that works with the plant’s cells, other beneficial organisms, and the environment throughout the season. This symbiotic partnership elevates the plant’s natural ability to resist pathogens and seasonal stressors, ultimately improving plant health, potato quality, and yields. SBb 2.5 can sustainably accelerate the restoration of soil health, allowing crops to reach their fullest potential.