Toro Expands Aqua-Traxx Azul Line with Ultra-Low-Flow Emitters

Published online: Feb 08, 2022 Irrigation, New Products
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Toro has expanded its precision irrigation Toro Aqua-Traxx Azul drip tape product line. The Azul line has offered growers field-proven performance since its introduction by providing superior clog resistance through an innovative emitter design, with multi-stage filters resulting in greater filtration area. Toro is the first in the industry to offer ultra-low emitter flows at such low filtration requirement rates as: 0.07 (140 mesh), 0.09 (120 mesh), and 0.10 gallons per hour (120 mesh).

“Introducing the ultra-low flow options to the Aqua-Traxx Azul line rounds out Toro’s high-performance drip tape portfolio,” says Eduardo Mendías, product manager for Toro’s Ag Business. “The enhanced design ensures a consistent and uniform distribution of water, nutrients and other inputs, allowing growers to achieve greater irrigation uniformity,”

Benefits of Toro’s ultra-low flow emitters and lower filtration offerings include:

  • Greater distribution uniformity to better target the crop’s roots, which in turn results in water and fertilizer savings
  • Lower filtration requirements resulting in less frequent filter backwashing
  • Closely spaced emitter options available to develop desired wetting pattern
  • Ultra-low flow emitters that provide growers greater control over water infiltration rates in challenging soil textures
  • Drastically reduced clogging risks, resulting in decreased pump operation energy requirements for lower overall system cost.

In addition to the expanded emitter offerings, Toro announces a reduction in filtration requirement from 120 mesh to 100 mesh filtrations on its leading emitters. This is the lowest filtration requirement for any drip tape in the industry, and offers enhanced clog resistance.

“Toro is proud to introduce these new ultra-low-flow emitter offerings that support our commitment to maximizing productivity on existing land and encouraging responsible use of water resources to help growers succeed,” says Ralf San Jose, director of marketing at Toro’s Ag Business. “Our expanded Azul drip tape line is certain to be a game changer for farmers thanks to the innovative flow path design and maximum clog resistance for precise application.”  

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