New Product: Miller Sustain Adjuvant

Published online: Feb 23, 2022 Herbicide, New Products
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Sustain is a new, unique class of adjuvant with non-ionic properties based on Miller Chemical’s proprietary Pinolene technology. This adjuvant is designed to improve the contact, wetting and adhesion of pesticides and fertilizers on plant and soil surfaces. Sustain forms a soft, microscopic film that polymerizes, protecting spray deposits from rainfall erosion, volatility, and ultraviolet (UV) degradation.

Sustain is effective in limiting the leaching and migration of soil active herbicides. Once applied, it begins to polymerize and form an elastic, microscopic film in the environment. This, in turn, helps to provide longevity of herbicides in the root and shoot zone, thereby maximizing herbicide activity in the target area and reducing leaching.

Key crops include, but are not limited to, potatoes, oranges and pistachios.

Once applied, herbicides begin to degrade in the environment in a number of ways. Sustain helps to mitigate a portion of these environmental factors within the soil.