New Product: Miller C.A.L.F.A.

Published online: Feb 25, 2022 Articles, Fertilizer, New Products
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C.A.L.F.A. is a proprietary blend of 40% nature-based carboxylic acid solution designed to release soil nutrients into plant-available forms during critical plant growth and development stages. This product enhances calcium, phosphate and micronutrient uptake while solubilizing and leaching sodium in high-sodium soils. C.A.L.F.A. can help improve nutrient uptake efficiency by increasing nutrient availability, and can be particularly effective in cool, wet soil conditions. The addition of C.A.L.F.A. to the soil surrounding the root zone can release these nutrients to then be utilized for plant development.

Carboxylates are exuded from the root system of growing plants as a function of cell division occurring in the root zone. The plant exudates of most significance are frequently referred to as P-mobilizing carboxylates and are often found deficient in many different soils across multiple crops. These compounds make soil phosphate more available and prevent the tie-up of added phosphate by sequestering iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and other minerals that bind the phosphate.

C.A.L.F.A. aids in the conversion and maintenance of soil nutrients during critical plant growth periods. In soils where sodium and calcium are present, applications of C.A.L.F.A. solubilize these nutrients into soluble forms of sodium carboxylate and calcium carboxylate. The root system has a strong preference for calcium carboxylate and will absorb it while pushing the soluble sodium carboxylate away. These salts are then leached out of the root zone, further reducing plant stress.

C.A.L.F.A. unlocks the phosphate in soil and assists in converting it to a plant available form for root absorption.