Advanced Acre Rx Program by WinField United

Published online: Feb 22, 2022 Articles, New Products
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Farming is the ultimate risk-reward business. Every year, farmers make upwards of 40 critical business decisions that can make or break their operations. With little to no room for second-guessing or second tries, there is a tremendous amount of risk placed on the farmer.

To help farmers identify opportunities in their fields to improve ROI without making them carry the full burden of risk that comes with using new products or practices, two years ago WinField United rolled out the Advanced Acre Rx (AARx) program.

“From supply constraints and lending cutbacks to extreme weather and evolving pest problems, a farmer’s job is only getting harder,” says Brett Bruggeman, president of WinField United and executive vice president of Land O’Lakes, Inc. “As the leader of a federated cooperative system, it is our duty to ensure our farmer-owners continue to thrive in the face of adversity, and the Advanced Acre Rx program is a critical piece of the farm management puzzle.”

Since launching in 2020, WinField United has tracked the performance of AARx through its Answer Plot program. The program uses approved yields as benchmarks to track performance, but the real story lies within the ROI of the approach. Data from more than 20 locations across the Corn Belt has shown an average ROI of $83 per acre for Elite Rx corn and almost $16 per acre for Elite Rx soybeans when compared to local agronomic recommendations as the baseline.

In 2021, 200,000 acres were enrolled in the program, and 28% of growers enrolled in the AARx program received a payout from WinField United for fields that did not meet predetermined approved yield thresholds.

AARx uses a systems approach to agronomy. Every prescription includes a field-level agronomic plan that features products and ag technology recommendations with a service warranty for performance. Drawing on more than 20 years of data from the Answer Plot program, AARx prescriptions deliver predictable outcomes based on past performance in local fields.

“WinField United’s dedication to gathering two decades’ worth of agronomic data on a national scale can really pay off for farmers through AARx,” says Bruggeman. “However, the real key to unlocking the potential of the program is the expertise of trusted local retailers who develop these plans that deliver ROI for the farmers they work with.”

Even when Mother Nature throws a curveball, WinField United stands behind AARx prescriptions. If farmers follow the customized plan and don’t reach an approved yield target, WinField United covers the cost of services.

Farmers can participate in the Advanced Acre Rx prescription program through their local WinField United affiliated retailer. For more information, visit