New Product: John Deer Operations Center with Razor Tracking

Published online: Jan 19, 2022 Articles, New Products
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John Deere customers now have the ability to see their support vehicles and non-powered equipment alongside JDLink-enabled equipment in Operations Center by integrating Razor Tracking devices. 

“On Sept. 9, 2021, Razor Tracking integrated JDLink-enabled equipment into Razor Tracking,” says Matt Daniels, product marketing manager for John Deere said. “Today, we take the next step in our relationship with Razor Tracking by recommending them as our preferred Operations Center connection to monitor your operation’s support vehicles and equipment. We have worked with Razor Tracking to get John Deere Operations Center customers discounted subscriptions and integrations with their Operations Center account.” 

This integration allows for Razor Tracking and John Deere customers to monitor their JDLink-enabled equipment, service vehicles and non-powered equipment in either platform. Beyond seeing GPS location, Razor Tracking devices will also provide VIN, fuel level, hours/mileage, location history, heading, speed and vehicle on/off to John Deere Operations Center

“We are proud to be the preferred provider of a complete solution for the John Deere Operations Center,” says Eric Mauch, managing partner of Razor Tracking. “Our devices are the perfect complement to any operation with JDLink-enabled equipment.”

The Razor Tracking platform has significantly expanded in the last several years. With its launch in 2012, Razor Tracking set out to provide the most user-friendly telematics system in the industry. In the years since, Razor Tracking has introduced dash cameras, vehicle and site inspections, driver safety scorecard, tank monitoring, and more to optimize customer operations. In 2019, Razor Tracking set a new standard by providing an open data platform and expanding its product to allow integrations and resellers to embed Razor Tracking technology into their platform or onboard through a distributor program. 

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