Precision Ag Buyers’ Guide

Published online: Nov 04, 2021 Articles, New Products
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 This buyers' guide appears in the November 2021 issue of Potato Grower

Agriculture is changing. That’s no secret. For well over a century, this industry has been at the bleeding edge of technological advancements, and the rate of advancement just seems to keep increasing. Here, you’ll find several products that will give you a leg up by providing a deeper look at your farm, your crops and your practices.


Soiltech Sensor

The Soiltech Sensor is a wireless soil moisture, temperature, humidity, GPS location and impact monitoring sensor. Using AT&T Internet of Things connectivity, it can be used in-season (soil moisture, temperature) as well as for post-harvest activities, such as GPS tracking, bruise monitoring and monitoring temperature/humidity in storage. New for 2021, the Soiltech system automatically tracks and accumulates growing degree days in both soil and ambient air.

It is planted under the soil, without the need for power or a gateway, where it wirelessly transmits soil moisture and temperature data—allowing growers to optimize their irrigation scheduling. The sensor can then be harvested with the crop and will inform users of impacts that occur, in an effort to help reduce crop bruising and damage. The GPS allows the device to be tracked in real time during transit and monitor temperature and humidity en route. Finally, the Soiltech sensor can also be placed into crop storage facilities, where it will report temperature and humidity conditions to ensure the hard work in the field is not undone in the cellars.

The device has a one-year battery life and is recharged between seasons using the supplied USB cord. Soiltech has worked directly with growers to develop a product that is cost-effective and provides actionable data that can directly help manage manpower, reduce inputs and increase yields. The device arrives to users pre-calibrated and activated, so users need only to bury it under the soil.


EarthScout GBC

(877) 443-7632

EarthScout Sensing Technology

In an effort to provide growers with predictive, real-time field data to help them better manage their time and resources, EarthScout GBC has entered the precision agriculture field.

Over the past four years, EarthScout’s team of leading agronomists, precision agriculturalists and technologists worked alongside growers to develop an in-field sensing technology that collects predictive micro-climate and soil data and shares it wirelessly via a mobile app. The technology measures real-time above- and below-ground growing conditions 24 hours a day, providing growers with the information they need to drive higher yields, reduce input costs and enhance land stewardship.

EarthScout currently offers 19 unique and highly durable sensors for outdoor field and indoor greenhouse use that monitor soil moisture, temperature and salinity as well as air temperature, humidity, solar radiation and much more. In addition to providing growers with visibility to real-time and historic trend data related to these metrics, EarthScout also has a team of grow coaches who are plant physiologists, plant pathologists, soil scientists and agronomists who work with growers on how best to gather, analyze and leverage that data.


I-Feeder Technologies

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I-Feeder Precision Dosing Systems

I-Feeder Technologies is an OEM of plant nutrition application systems (positive displacement fertigation and chemigation pumps) and agitation systems. The company has manufactured and supplied a range of dosing systems for the past 40 years. 

Whatever the nutritional needs of your potatoes—from fertilizers to pesticides—however you need to keep your plants safe, attain the maximum yield and minimize risk, I-Feeder has the equipment to apply it accurately and continuously, indoors and out. I-Feeder precision dosing systems are engineered to be easy to use and maintain, and are economical, robust and scalable. They have been tested and proven in some of the toughest markets across the globe. The systems allow the grower to produce better crop yields with lower operating costs, managing the system remotely while maintaining a sustainable practice. 

The I-Feeder fertigation system is supplied as turnkey, meaning no additional sourcing is required, and ensures correct installation, designed to be easy and simple. The positive displacement system allows for high accuracy and can run up to four gearboxes dosing either a high volume or four different volumes proportionally. The system features a single gearbox size capable of dosing anywhere from 3.5 to 318 gallons per hour. Two liquid-end volume sizes are available for all capabilities, which allows low stock keeping.


Ceres Imaging

(888) 704-9398

Aerial Imagery and Analytics

Using advanced analytics and high-resolution aerial imagery, Ceres Imaging delivers irrigation management solutions that help growers improve profitability across their operations. Ceres’s team of experts provides dedicated support to help you put your data to work—before, during and after your season.

  • Detect: Field scouts can only cover so much ground—and when they do spot an issue, it’s often after the damage is done. Ceres Imaging can pinpoint clogs, leaks and pressure failures before the issue impacts your bottom line.
  • Measure: It’s hard to improve your irrigation strategy without the right data. Ceres analytics tools help quantify and track progress—so you can validate key decisions and know if you’re making the right investments in your farm. 
  • Improve: Effective irrigation goes beyond consistent monitoring and prompt repairs. Ceres will help you develop and refine your farm-level strategy to meet your management goals and deliver ongoing improvements.



(701) 941-2046   

FarmQA Suite

FarmQA is a suite of digital tools designed to streamline and improve core agronomy service functions, from crop scouting and soil sampling to treatment recommendations and field analysis. The suite includes an easy-to-use, full-function mobile scouting app as well as a complete web platform for collecting and displaying information from a variety of sources like NDVI imagery, weather stations, moisture probes, scouting reports and more.  

FarmQA is the perfect solution for vegetable crops like potatoes that require weed, disease and insect management. It allows growers to monitor insect populations to determine the need for insecticides and to choose which products to apply, as well as exact mixtures and applications. Integration with weather stations provides insight about weather patterns and other important data to help manage disease, whether servicing organic or conventional growers. 

Map layers provide spatial layer visualizations, which are helpful for directed scouting based on crop canopy, plant stand population or crop density; for viewing fertility results in zone maps; and for precise soil sampling.

FarmQA gives ag advisors a full picture of what’s happening above and below the ground, so they can provide better crop and soil recommendations and deliver more services to their growers. 


Lindsay Corporation

(402) 829-6800

FieldNET Advisor

Save time, boost profits and enhance sustainability with FieldNET Advisor, the industry’s leading irrigation scheduling tool, with proven models for potato crops. The world’s first cloud-based irrigation scheduling tool, FieldNET Advisor delivers automated, daily irrigation recommendations, helping growers decide when, where and how much to irrigate. Gone are the days of having to manually track your crops’ development and make complex calculations to know daily water usage; leave it to FieldNET Advisor.


AGCO Corporation

Precision Ag Line

AGCO Corporation has announced the pilot of its Precision Ag Line (PAL) program, a tool designed to streamline support services for farming customers using AGCO solutions with mixed-fleet operations.

PAL makes precision farming expertise available to farmers using products from widely used AGCO brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Gleaner, Massey Ferguson and Precision Planting, even when those products are used in conjunction with equipment from other manufacturers. The result is more efficient solutions that lead to improved farming outcomes.

PAL leverages the AgriSync platform to ensure a seamless experience for farmers, dealers and  technicians. The tool aligns with the dealer’s current support system—usually an existing customer service number—to streamline access to the service. Customers of participating AGCO dealers simply call or text a familiar number to speak with product and technical experts at the dealership or AGCO itself for immediate assistance from some of the industry’s most capable precision ag specialists.

PAL is currently being piloted with several members of AGCO’s North American dealership network. The company plans to expand the program to additional locations in 2022.


Valley Irrigation

Valley 365

Valley 365 connects to Valley Insights, which virtually scouts for crop health concerns related to water application, pests, disease, weeds and more through varied acquisition methods including aerial imagery and pivot-mounted sensors. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Valley Insights provides early detection and enhanced scouting, so growers can make fast and informed decisions during critical stages of crop development.

Valley Insights eliminates guesswork when it comes to fertilizer and water application. Rather than trying to pinpoint quality issues visually, growers receive proactive notifications so they know precisely where issues occur, and they can intercede with the appropriate actions to maintain crop health.

Valley Irrigation is continuously innovating technology to meet the needs of growers. Through the most recent enhancements, Pump Command is now available in Valley 365 for intuitive control of water pressure during irrigation. Water Level Management is reporting at its best so growers can see the crop is receiving exactly the right amount of water. This saves growers fuel and labor by reducing trips to the field to check on pumps and irrigation systems.



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NAV-900 Guidance Controller & CenterPoint RTX Correction Service

Trimble’s NAV-900 guidance controller is the most advanced GNSS receiver to date. Paired with Trimble CenterPoint RTX correction service, farmers experience real-time, inch-level accuracy via satellite that greatly reduces pass-to-pass overlap and creates valuable input savings. Discover the savings you can achieve by using the NAV-900 with CenterPoint RTX in your operation.