T-L Irrigation Introduces Pro Version of Precision Point Touch Pivot Controller

Published online: Oct 27, 2021 Articles, Irrigation, New Products
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T-L Irrigation Co. introduces Precision Point Touch Pro, an add-on board combined with a firmware upgrade that dials up simplicity, options and functionality for pivot system controls while decluttering the irrigation workspace.

The Pro board, which can be retrofitted to an existing Touch system or added as an option to a new pivot, combines into one simplified package:

  • Water pump control
  • Water-pressure triggered start
  • Two additional auxiliary equipment controls
  • Water pressure monitoring
  • Detailed safety readouts for easy troubleshooting
  • USB datalogging of multiple system parameters
  • Load control
  • Telemetry connectability

“Precision Point Touch Pro gathers functions that once required several different systems and external hardware together into one simple, efficient, full color touchscreen controller,” says T-L vice president John Thom. “Plus, the two auxiliary relays allow for greater flexibility and more precise management of the irrigation system as a whole.”

Besides eliminating the complication and expense of external hardware systems, Precision Point Touch Pro adds capabilities such as water pressure monitoring and management.

“You get a direct readout of water pressure on the panel,” says T-L engineering manager Neal Schlautman. “You can also set a specific PSI for the system to build to before the pivot kicks on, assuring the system is irrigating when it starts moving.”

Safety inputs deliver specific readouts for troubleshooting. “It’s not just a ‘check-engine’ light; it’s a diagnosis of where the problem is,” says Thom.

Additional auxiliary relays that allow for specific degree inputs for turn-on and shutoff makes it easy to dial in precise pivot management.

“A chemigation pump can be controlled to be on for corn and turn off when the pivot reaches the pre-programed spot where a split field switches to soybeans,” says Thom. The original Precision Point Touch has two end gun controls. With the Pro system, a producer can easily tie into the extra relays to control individual spans or an entire half of a pivot.

“The Pro panel upgrade just makes the whole irrigation process work seamlessly together,” Thom says.