Montana Potato Research and Market Development Program Seeks Proposals

Published online: Sep 10, 2021 Seed Potatoes Josh Margolis
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Source: Hi-Line Today

The Montana Potato Advisory Committee is seeking proposals for the Montana Potato Research and Market Development Program to address needs and opportunities for Montana’s potato industry.

Proposals should relate to demonstration projects, applied research and market development. The following research priorities have been established by the Montana Potato Advisory Committee for the 2021-22 funding cycle:

  • Management of potato viruses and their vectors
  • Stem and tuber diseases caused by fungi and bacteria (i.e., backleg, scab, soft rot, ring rot)
  • Weeds as alternative hosts for potato pathogens.

Following the proposal deadline on Oct. 22, the Montana Potato Advisory Committee will review proposals and make recommendations to the Montana Department of Agriculture for funding. Projects should be innovative and cannot duplicate relevant research already available to Montana potato producers. If relevant research is already available, applicants must explain how proposed research will build upon the previous research.

Montana continues to be a major producer of potatoes and seed potatoes. In 2020, Montana produced 3.2 million hundredweight of potatoes for a total value of potato production topping $45 million.

Visit to apply through the Montana WebGrants system. Questions on applications can be directed to Dani Jones at (406) 444-2402 or, or by mail to the Montana Potato Research & Development Program, P.O. Box 200201, Helena, MT, 59620-0201.