Key Drivers to Consumer Acceptance of Ag and Food Technology

Published online: Sep 30, 2021 Articles, Event Calendar
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Agriculture and food have a rich history of bringing innovative solutions to market. As those solutions integrate more technology, it’s increasingly important to understand how to build support for continued innovation and to ensure the future of a safe, sustainable food supply.
What causes consumers to either accept or reject technology when it comes to food production?

New research from The Center for Food Integrity (CFI) identifies key drivers of acceptance and rejection, providing insights on how the broader food chain can earn trust in technology.

Join CFI CEO Charlie Arnot as he details the findings in a free one-hour webinar Key Drivers to Consumer Acceptance of Ag and Food Technology on Monday, October 25, at 2 p.m. Central Time.

In the study, conducted with support from the United Soybean Board (USB), CFI measured consumer attitudes regarding four agriculture and food technologies with the overarching goal to identify the drivers of public acceptance and rejection of technology as a whole.        

Learn about the strong, consistent themes that emerged on what consumers want –  what they don’t – and how those in food and agriculture can best implement strategies that will earn trust.
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