Reduced Rate Recommendation for Colorado Potato Beetle Control

Published online: Jul 15, 2021 Articles, Insecticide, New Products
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Summit Agro USA has issued a new reduced rate recommendation for its Harvanta insecticide for control of Colorado potato beetle. This recommendation reduces the rate for controlling the damaging pest to as low as 5.5 fluid ounces of Harvanta per acre. The rate reduction is allowed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency under section 2(ee) of FIFRA.

This new recommendation for Harvanta allows potato growers to decrease the chemical load on their fields while controlling Colorado potato beetle, even when larger larvae or adults are present.

“The active ingredient in Harvanta is Cyclapryn, which utilizes less active ingredient per acre than most other diamide insecticides,” says Eric Tedford, field research and development manager for Summit Agro. “This is supported by field data showing the effectiveness of Harvanta at low rates versus standard treatments for Colorado potato beetle.”

The Harvanta 2(ee) recommendation applies to key potato production states, specifically California, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

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