Arrowhead Potato Partners with ProSource

Published online: Jul 27, 2021 Articles
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Source: The Packer

Rupert, Idaho-based potato grower-shipper Arrowhead Potato Co. (A branch of Moss Farms and Moss Produce LLC.), and Idaho-based ProSource Produce LLC have entered an exclusive sales and marketing agreement, which will take effect on August 1.

At that time, ProSource Produce LLC will assume the role and responsibilities previously held by Richard Fletcher, who recently retired from a long sales career with Arrowhead Potato Co. ProSource Inc. is currently responsible for all fresh onion and potato sales and marketing for Golden West Produce LLC in Parma, Idaho; Mart Fresh Pack in Rupert, Idaho; Rio Valley Onion LLC in Hatch, N.M.; Sierra Madre Produce in Chihuahua, Mexico; and Winter Garden Produce LLC in Uvalde, Texas. The finalization of this agreement will couple Arrowhead Potato. a large, family-operated farming and fresh-pack operation, with one of the most extensive year-round grower-based fresh onion and potato programs in the industry.

“Arrowhead Potato Co. and the Moss family have done business with ProSource and its owners for many years,” says Ryan Moss, owner of Arrowhead and Moss Produce. “This this was the right opportunity and timing to consolidate our volume from Arrowhead with ProSource’s existing Idaho potato and year-round onion programs.” 

Arrowhead is a supplier of high-quality Idaho potatoes to customers in the fresh and processed segments of the potato industry. The company employs more than 50 people and has been serving the foodservice and retail industries for over 35 years.

“Having conducted business with Arrowhead Potato Co. and the Moss family for the past 20 years, we are very excited to join forces via this agreement. The opportunity to add their fresh market production volume to our platform is a great boost to our existing Idaho potato volume,” says ProSource CEO Corey Griswold.

ProSource is a grower-owned and -operated sales and marketing company based in Hailey, Idaho. In 2010, ProSource was founded to market the crops of its growers more effectively and directly, thereby providing a consistent supply chain and customer service experience to  customers. ProSource currently services a wide-ranging customer base comprised of foodservice, retail, wholesale and broad-line customers in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America.