New Product: Soiltech Sensor

Published online: Jun 03, 2021 Articles, New Products
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The Soiltech Sensor is a wireless soil moisture, temperature, humidity, GPS location and impact monitoring sensor. Using AT&T Internet of Things connectivity, it can be used in-season (soil moisture, temperature) as well as for post-harvest activities, such as GPS tracking, bruise monitoring and monitoring temperature/humidity in storage. New for 2021, the Soiltech system automatically tracks and accumulates growing degree days in both soil and ambient air.

It is planted under the s il, without the need for power or a gateway, where it will wirelessly transmit soil moisture and temperature data—allowing growers to optimize their irrigation scheduling. The sensor can then be harvested together with the crop and will inform users of impacts that occur, in an effort to help reduce crop bruising and damage. The GPS allows the device to be tracked in real time during transit and monitor temperature and humidity en route. Finally, the Soiltech sensor can also be placed into crop storage facilities, where it will report temperature and humidity conditions to ensure the hard work in the field is not undone in the cellars.

The device has a one-year battery life and is recharged between seasons using the supplied USB cord. Soiltech has worked directly with growers to develop a product that is cost-effective and provides actionable data that can directly help manage manpower, reduce inputs and increase yields. The device arrives to users pre-calibrated and activated, so users need only to bury it under the soil—no complex installation or setting up base stations.

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