How NACHURS Foliar Program Can Help Your Farm

Published online: May 19, 2021 Articles, New Products
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Does your current foliar program offer NPK or just micronutrients alone? 

The NACHURS Foliar Program with NACHURS Finish Line and NACHURS K-Fuel is the whole package with advanced nutrient technology:

  • Balanced NPK and high micronutrient concentration (zinc and manganese especially) from NACHURS Finish Line
  • Improved efficiency thanks to high concentration of highly soluble, plant-available potassium from NACHURS K-fuel
  • The addition of fulvic acid and compatibility agents, which improves plant uptake and reduces the potential of phytotoxicity 
  • NACHURS Bio-K is the most effective potassium source available.

Is your program approved for tank-mixing with herbicide programs (i.e., XtendiMax, Enlist, glyphosate)?*

NACHURS Finish Line and NACHURS K-Fuel are tank-mix approved. This offers growers:

  • Improved efficacy of pesticide treatments
  • Flexibility by not requiring an extra trip across the field
  • Low use rate of NACHURS Finish Line (1 quart per acre) and NACHURS K-fuel (1 gallon per acre) per application
  • A buffer against chemical stress on the crop

Can it help crop health and stress?

NACHURS Finish Line and NACHURS K-Fuel promote crop health and help alleviate plant stress. They support periods of peak nutrient demand; help unanticipated nutrient deficiencies; and assist transport of tank-mix nutrient partners and soil-resident nutrients.

Is your current program offering a consistent ROI?

NACHURS Finish Line has exhibited a 4.4-bushel-per-acre average yield increase on corn across all environments, and a 71.5 percent win rate on all crops over the last six years.


*Approved products vary based on herbicide; consult tank mix websites for official list. Consult your NACHURS DSM for additional recommendations.