New Product Averland FC Insecticide

Published online: Mar 17, 2021 Insecticide, New Products
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Potato growers have a convenient new tool to battle nematodes in-season with Averland FC. Averland FC (abamectin + Allosperse) was registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2019, and Vive Crop Protection recently issued a label recommendation (2ee) for protection from nematodes in potatoes by chemigation.

Nematodes are a significant challenge for potato growers in all potato-growing regions. If left untreated, they cause tuber malformation, induce chemical changes in the tuber and reduce overall marketable yield. 

“Growers can now replace three chemigation applications of Vydate C-LV with three chemigation applications of Averland FC,” says Vive vice president of sales and marketing Dan Bihlmeyer. “ They’ll get the same level of activity, with significant cost savings and less product handling. It also mixes seamlessly with in-season fertility to help create on-farm efficiency. It is simple and effective, and significantly reduces user and environmental exposure.”
As a foliar or chemigation application, Averland FC also takes care of Colorado potato beetle, leafminers, psyllids, mites and thrips. It is based on the Allosperse Delivery System, which allows products to be mixed and applied with foliar fertilizer.

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