Fighting Verticillium Wilt for More Profit

Published online: Mar 09, 2021 Fungicide, New Products
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Source: Syngenta

Verticillium wilt, a disease caused by two soil-borne fungi, is a key component in potato early die complex (PED). PED can be devastating to a grower’s yield; losses have been reported as high as 50 percent in areas where the disease is severe.

If your field has a history of soil-borne disease and Verticillium wilt, Elatus fungicide could be a powerful tool to consider for your fungicide program this year. Applied in-furrow at planting, Elatus protects your potatoes from yield-robbing soil-borne diseases like Rhizoctonia, in addition to providing suppression of Verticillium levels, helping you start strong and go into the season with confidence.