Irrigation Equipment Buyers' Guide

Published online: Feb 18, 2021 Irrigation, New Products
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This buyers' guide appears in the February 2021 issue of Potato Grower. 

There’s not much prettier than a beautiful, green field being watered, the summer sun hitting the spray and making a rainbow that follows you as you drive past. But there’s a lot more to getting a good crop than just pumping water on your field with whatever equipment is cheapest and most readily available. Our buyers’ guide features some of the most innovative irrigation equipment on the market, custom-made for your farm’s success.


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Dragon-Line Drip Irrigation

Adapted from the same concept as mobile drip irrigation, Dragon-Line is transforming pivot irrigation through drip technology. Dragon-Line patented technology combines the efficiency of surface drip irrigation, with the flexibility and economics of mechanized irrigation systems.

Dragon-Line is orange drip line tubing co-extruded from a blend of high-quality PE resin. The pressure-compensating emitters are continuous self-flushing, welded to the internal wall of the drip line, and fully operation at 7 PSI. Dragon-Line emitter tubing is attached to Dragon Flex hose, which drags completely on the soil surface, thus the name “Dragon-Line.” As DragonLine is pulled behind the system, the emitters deliver a uniform water pattern across the full length of the irrigated area. This process significantly reduces evaporation and soil compaction and eliminates wind drift.

Maximum H2O

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H2O Maximizer

Maximum H2O transforms water into a productive and energized state. This innovative, industry-leading design uses a series of extremely powerful multipolar magnetic fields in a unique orientation to transform irrigation, spray and wash water into a productive state by making it more bioavailable to the cells of plants and animals. H2O Maximizer improves infiltration and soil moisture retention, reducing runoff and evapotranspiration. It mobilizes water- and soil-bound minerals, converting them into bioavailable nutrients and thereby improving uptake by the plant while unlocking your soil. This leads to healthier soils and better-yielding crops producing while using 20 percent less water, pumping costs and inputs. Growers can improve margins by irrigating less, using less energy, and reducing or eliminating chemicals and corresponding labor costs. Maximum H2O technology also helps control mineral scale naturally and eliminate acid washes to keep pumps, pipes, emitters and equipment free of mineral scale buildup. It helps bust salts and improve plant tolerance, as well as improves tolerance to insects, disease and drought. H2O Maximizer is easy to install, with a 10-year warranty and two-year money-back satisfaction guarantee. Return on Investment is typically realized within the first season.

Valley Irrigation

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Pump Command

Valley Irrigation has released Pump Command, a new solution for growers to automate pumping and wirelessly control irrigation pumps. The innovation helps save time and resources with wireless remote monitoring, plus control of all pumps and the ability to link them to a fleet of pivots or linears. Valley Pump Command is like an easy button for pumping. Growers just need to turn their pivots on, and the pump station takes care of itself. Pump Command is able to achieve that through a revolutionary intuitive pump control technology, an automatic VFD set point that automatically matches output to demand for multiple pumps and pivots. It saves growers water and energy, and conserves natural resources.

Nelson Irrigation Corporation

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Nelson Family of Products

Vast differences in crops, soils, farming practices and climatic conditions, along with regional differences in the availability of water and energy, require an array of sprinkler performance characteristics. Nelson Irrigation has the latest in sprinkler technology, pressure and flow control, and end-of-pivot solutions that growers need to get the job done from pivot point to end gun. Nelson’s 800 Series Control Valve and ACV200 offer optimal air and water control at the headworks and pivot point. The Rate-of-Flow function helps avoid unwanted water hammer or surges, which can damage system pipes during system fill. For sprinklers, the R3030 Rotator with brown plate (high uniformity) or olive plate (low pressure) provide maximum performance, with rotating streams over a wide pattern—a proven way to improve soil. The O3030 Orbitor is another great choice, particularly when dealing with dirty water. The multi-Function 3NV nozzle allows for quick and easy line and nozzle flush, while the bracketless design of the Orbitor prevents debris hang-up and eliminates drool. Pressure regulators ensure a uniform depth-ofwater application, controlled sprinkler performance (droplet size and throw distance), and flexibility in system operation. Pick up added ground with Nelson End of Pivot Solutions. Options include the R55VT, R75, SR75 and SR100 Big Gun.

Agri-Inject, Inc.

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MacRoy Series G System

The MacRoy Series G line of metering pumps from Agri-Inject are designed specifically to provide operating efficiency and economy for large-scale fluid injection projects. MacRoy Series G Pumps are ideal for precisely applying fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, soil amendments, acid products, wetting agents and more through an irrigation system. These high-quality pumps are engineered and constructed to handle highviscosity fluids and nonsoluble materials in slurry form with ease.

Pump Defender Oil

Pump Defender heavy-duty injection pump oil stems from the maker of the world’s most recognized and trusted chemigation and fertigation systems. Pump Defender features advanced proprietary formulas designed to keep Agri-Inject metering pumps operating properly through the season. These advanced, top-quality lubricants ensure outstanding and proven wear protection; resistance to oxidation, which prevents formation of sludge; and non-foaming, superior performance with hydraulic actuation. Combining Agri-Inject MacRoy Series G metering pumps with Pump Defender provides efficiency, accuracy and reliability when delivering vital nutrients to crops.

Reinke Manufacturing

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Maintenance-Free Pivot Bearing

Reinke Manufacturing introduces the industry’s first Maintenance-Free Bearing to the North American market. The key benefits for growers are: time savings with no need to grease the pivot center before the season starts; peace of mind that it will work without interruption; eliminated grease spill-out on and around the pivot; and increasing rotational efficiency for greater system longevity. Product trials on the Maintenance-Free Bearing showed a 40 percent decrease in strain on the bearing over the previous version. The product is designed to last the lifetime of the system, using the same high-quality specifications of all Reinke’s products. The Maintenance-Free Bearing is available on new Reinke irrigation systems using an 8-inch pivot bearing. It can also be retrofitted onto existing 8-inch Electrogator II center pivots.

John Blue

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E-Z Meters

John Blue E-Z Meters offer the accuracy and dependability each field needs. A simple change of stroke length sets the precise flow to be injected. With flow rates from 5 to 200 gallons per hour and up to 150 PSI, John Blue’s E-Z Meter Injection Pumps offer optimal suction capability and the ability to change rates without calibration. They are available in simplex and duplex models with various power sources such as belt drive, Honda engines, electric motors and 12-voly DC motors. Pumping cylinders can be mounted in parallel for large-volume fertigation or for injection of two non-compatible products. E-Z Meter injection pumps come factorycalibrated for precise application, and their high-quality seals offer greater resistance to dry run damage. E-Z Meter pumps are constructed of premium materials that offer excellent chemical resistance.


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Flex Connect Layflat Connection System

Toro’s Flex Connect Layflat Connection System is a differentiated line of fittings and tools to connect drip tape to layflat hose. This new fitting line from Toro’s agricultural business makes installing layflat fittings easier and more flexible. Flex Connect is an excellent alternative to hose with pre-installed fittings. Flex Connect fittings come equipped with a removable layflat eye connection and an optional seal cap, so growers can choose any spacing—or even change the spacing later—while ensuring the layflat can be re-rolled flat for easy moving and storage.

Mud Commander

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Mud Commander Pivot Tire

The Mud Commander was created as a one and done irrigation wheel solution. Its unique design is the only wheel in the industry with no moving parts, selfcleaning ability. Best of all, it is airless. Customers tired of buying $500 pivot tires, only to have them go flat because they became weatherchecked in harsh sunlight, will love the Mud Commander. The Mud Commander’s self-cleaning ability means the tires don’t spin out like normal ones when the lugs fill up with mud. The Mud Commander allows mud to fall back into the track, preventing deep ruts in fields.

Lindsay Corporation

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Lindsay Smart Pivot

Lindsay’s smart pivot is a transformative solution built around each operation’s needs. Combining FieldNET advanced agronomics and Zimmatic machine health features, the smart pivot moves beyond traditional water application to provide an agronomic powerhouse that reduces risk, decreases downtime, improves crop health and increases sustainability. Through Lindsay’s partnership with Taranis, the smart pivot uses sensors, high-resolution imagery and advanced algorithms to monitor crop health above and below the canopy. It automatically detects issues and helps optimize irrigation to give the grower greater control and improved sustainability. The smart pivot brings operational and machine health capabilities to the pivot. Powered by a partnership with Microsoft Azure, it continuously monitors performance, detects potential equipment issues, and can automatically contact the local dealer for maintenance and repair

Irrigation Accessories Co. (IACO)

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Quad Pod

The Quad Pod by IACO is a standalone support structure that transforms a traditional handline into an automated irrigation system. Designed to work with a Big Gun, a valve and a wireless control, the Quad Pod easily and effectively automates water application in feedlots, diaries, pastures, berry plantings, sugarcane fields and irregularly shaped areas like pivot corners. The Quad Pod allows irrigators to:

  • Set up simple and reliable zone cycling;
  • Customize irrigation run times for different soil conditions, even within the same field; and
  • Set up a grid with enough Quad Pods and valves, thereby requiring the irrigator only to move the Big Gun and wireless control, even while the handline is pressurized.

Spike Coupler

Irrigators can now convert 2-inch PVC into an inexpensive irrigation system. The process is as simple as gluing the male Spike coupler fitting on the standard end and the female coupler on the bell end. The Spike riser locks the male and female coupler halves and stabilizes the riser in a vertical position. The Spike coupler provides substantial savings compared to aluminum or buried solid-set systems. It offers improvedweatherability PVC compounds, the highest UV inhibitors and impact resistance on the market, and easy offseason storage.

Innoquest Inc.

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SC-5 Universal Flow Meter

Known both for providing precise measurements and for its easy-to-use functionality, the SpotOn Sprayer Calibrator Model SC-4’s primary market has been the agriculture industry. However, its replacement, the new SpotOn SC-5 Universal Flow Meter, features improved accuracy (from +/-4 percent to +/-3 percent) and a larger capacity, allowing for use in the water audit industry. This versatile meter can check flow rate for nozzles and sprayers in addition to faucets and showers up to 5 gallons per minute. The SC-5 Universal Flow Meter provides an intuitive and accurate alternative. Its digital display allows for easy-to-read measurements, minimizing human error during readings.

Mega Flow Meter

Replacing the SpotOn Irrigation Flow Meter, the SpotOn Mega Flow Meter quickly and accurately checks irrigation nozzle flow and regulator function, pump flow, and safety showers up to 44 gallons per minute. In addition to its increased flow capacity from 25 to 44 gallons per minute, its new internal collection cavity eliminates the need for preparation work, saving the user time. Moreover, its accuracy has improved from +/-4 percent to +/-3 percent over the 0 to 30 gallonper-minute flow range. Taking a measurement is simple and takes just seconds to complete. Once powered on, the meter should be placed under the faucet/shower/nozzle to be tested. As the meter fills with water, the LCD will begin flashing to indicate that a reading is in progress. As soon as water reaches the meter’s upper sensor, the flow rate is calculated and displayed. Flow rate readings can be displayed in either gallons per minute, liters per minute, or liters per hour.