New Product: HarvestMaster Casma Potato Yield Monitor

Published online: Jan 21, 2021 New Products, Potato Harvesting
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HarvestMaster introduces the Casma Potato Yield Monitor. Now available for purchase, Casma was designed to increase farm profitability, provide a visual map of crop performance, allow data to be viewed in real time, and for the hardware to be mounted to any existing potato harvester.

“Our customers requested HarvestMaster return to the commercial yield monitoring business,” says Casma product manager Doug Moore. “Casma marks our return, and we are very pleased with the system that we have developed. The amount of usable data that a farm can get from the Casma system helps growers make important decisions that will help farmers increase profits.”

Casma allows farmers to visualize crop performance through generated heat maps that provide a visual representation of variations in potato yield across the field and allows for better planting and soil care planning. This information directly impacts and can increase farm profitability by allowing farmers to identify underperforming areas and help maximize yield.

Data generated by Casma is created through the use of GPS location-based data, as well as load cells and a belt speed sensor on the harvester to determine the weight of the potatoes being loaded. High-accuracy GPS is used to create heat maps that associate precise location with yield data. Additional sensors and algorithms are used to maximize accuracy by accounting for slope and motion in all directions. This data is available in the cab of the tractor and is also automatically sent to the cloud for access on the website.

“Casma provides data for the operator on most displays that are already in the cab of most tractors, and provides detailed reports and maps on the MyCasma website,” says Moore. “In-cab data viewing and in-office data viewing is a key part of making this data work for the farmer. MyCasma gives a central location for data to be stored and viewed anytime.”

More about the Casma Potato Yield Monitor by HarvestMaster can be found on the product webpage.

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