Tractor Buyers' Guide

Published online: Dec 30, 2020 Articles, New Products, Potato Equipment
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This buyers' guide appears in the January 2021 issue of Potato Grower.

We here at Potato Grower firmly believe that, given the opportunity, no one in this world would turn down an offer to get behind the wheel of a roaring, tires-taller-than-me, zillion-horsepower tractor. Alas, as we all know, desire and ability are two very different things. Luckily for us, our readers can be listed in both the “willing” and “able” categories. 

Enjoy the buyers’ guide below, and find the new tractor that works best for your operation.


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1100 Vario MT Track Tractors 

Fendt 1100 Vario MT track tractors set new standards for flotation, ride comfort, fuel efficiency, power and performance. The MTS Smart Ride track system, stepless CVT transmission, more ballasting options, comfort enhancements, and industry-exclusive rear hitch systems top the list of features. 

The high-powered lineup includes three models featuring MAN 15.2-liter, six-cylinder diesel engines: the 1151 (511 horsepower), 1156 (564 horsepower) and 1162 (618 horsepower).  A MAN 16.2-liter, six-cylinder diesel engine powers the 673-horsepower 1167 Vario MT—the highest horsepower track tractor on the market. The MAN engines with Fendt iD and TMS deliver tremendous torque at lower RPM, saving fuel to help reduce operating costs. 

The new line offers gauge settings up to 128 inches and four track widths from 18 to 36 inches. The patented Mobil-Trac track system is the only mid-wheel design with a suspended undercarriage and rolling mid-wheels, which improve ride quality and flotation.

An exclusive steerable three-point hitch and a hydraulically controlled swinging drawbar option provide smoother headland turns and minimize soil berms. The 1100 Vario MT tractors are backed by the Fendt Gold Star Customer Care Plan, with three years of full warranty, all scheduled maintenance and a loaner guarantee. 

900 Vario MT Track Tractors 

Available in three models from 380 to 431 horsepower, Fendt 900 Vario MT tractors deliver unsurpassed flotation, traction, ride quality and operating efficiency. 

These dependable workhorses are equipped with AGCO Power 9.8-liter diesel engines and feature a unique concentric air system for improved cooling and longer engine life. Plus, exclusive Fendt iD low-rev technology delivers high torque at lower engine speeds for greater torque and fuel efficiency. The tractors come standard equipped with the proven VarioDrive CVT transmission for smooth speed control.

The Smart Ride chassis combines oscillating mid-wheels and hard-bar suspension, providing exceptional ride quality without compromising traction. The patented Mobil-trac system is designed with a long, 101-inch wheelbase for more stability. The tractors offer gauge settings from 72 to 102 inches and track widths from 16 to 34 inches.  

The spacious cab features an air-ride seat, Bluetooth capability and an easy-to-use 10.4-inch touchscreen Varioterminal. The 900 Vario MT tractors are backed by Fendt Gold Star Customer Care, which includes a three-year/3,000-hour warranty, all scheduled maintenance and a loaner guarantee. 

Massey Ferguson 

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M Series Compact Tractors

The 1800 M and 2800 M Series premium compact tractors build on Massey Ferguson’s reputation for nimble, versatile and reliable performance with advanced Iseki engines and fresh styling updates, plus new comfort and convenience features. The new series consists of five models ranging from 35 to 60 engine horsepower, available in both factory-installed cab and open-station. 

The open-station models with ROPS come with a new premium seat, while the standard cab models feature dual entry/exit doors, tilt steering, heating/AC and a handy new thumb-drive throttle.  An optional Deluxe Cab includes an air-ride seat, LED work lights, Bluetooth-ready radio and rear window defrost.

The 2800 M Series features new 2.4-liter, four-cylinder Iseki diesel engines, while the 1800 M Series offers 1.7-liter, three-cylinder Iseki-powered models. All M Series compacts are standard equipped with the rugged 12×12 Power Shuttle transmission and are available with an optional three-range hydrostatic transmission. 

The M Series tractors are standard equipped with electro-hydraulically controlled 540 RPM independent rear PTO and are available with an optional 2,000 RPM mid-mount PTO. They can be equipped with a wide range of attachments such as loaders, backhoes and front-mounted snow blowers. 

M Series compact tractors have a limited, five-year powertrain warranty. 

E Series Compact Tractors

Massey Ferguson 1800 E and 2800 E Series compact tractors offer an economical choice for those looking for a dependable, versatile and easy-to-use tractor. The new line is equipped with three- and four-cylinder Iseki diesel engines and sports bold new styling. Choose from five models ranging from 24 to 57.3 engine horsepower. 

With cast steel rear end and cast front axle, four-wheel drive and high-capacity hydraulics, E Series tractors provide the weight, muscle and traction to tackle demanding jobs, such as transporting round bales or moving gravel, topsoil and other bulk materials. The E Series compacts are standard equipped with a proven 8F×8R Synchro Shuttle transmission. An optional three-range hydrostatic transmission is also available. The E Series tractors offer up to 8 percent greater hydraulic capacity than the previous models through a dual-pump, high-flow system. This system delivers more responsive power at low engine speeds, allowing operators to throttle back to reduce noise while maintaining full steering and implement control.  

These tractors can be equipped with a broad range of implements and attachments.  

Kubota Tractor Corporation 

M7 Generation 2 Series Tractors

The 2019 introduction of Kubota’s M7 Gen 2 tractor to the company’s agriculture tractor line further defines its position in the ag equipment market. The M7 Gen 2 is built on the successes of Kubota’s first-generation M7 ag tractors, introduced in 2014, with added refinements and enhancements designed to meet the specific needs of today’s customers.

There are three models under the M7 Gen 2 line: the M7-132, M7-152 and the M7-172, ranging from 100 to 140 in PTO horsepower. Depending on the model, there are standard, deluxe and premium grade options to further customize for performance and job function.  

Kubota gathered feedback directly from its customers and upgraded the series to include a Closed Center Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system, built with the simplicity of mechanical operation controls. The M7 Gen 2 Deluxe models are engineered to achieve exactly what producers need.


MT800E Series Track Tractors

Everyone talks horsepower, but true power comes from torque. Challenger’s largest and most powerful track machine delivers unrivaled torque. Under the hood of the MT800E is an AGCO Power engine that’s engineered solely for the demands of agricultural applications.

The MT800E Series makes the longest days in the field fly by with exclusive oscillating midwheels, Marsh Mellow springs and an air suspension seat. An ergonomic and comfortable cab puts the operator in the front row of productivity. AutoGuide 3000 provides a seamless automatic steering system, while the simple-to-operate power management system ensures maximum efficiency. AGCO’s One-Touch system makes short work of managing headland functions.  



The Xerion offers four equal-sized wheels or crawler tracks on two steered axles, full-frame construction for carrying enormous loads, continuously variable transmission up to 530 horsepower, and intuitive operation.

Xerion tractors are available in four options:

  • The Xerion Trac, the best option if arable work is your main focus. It has a suspended comfort cab in the middle of the vehicle and large windows for unique all-round visibility.

  • The Xerion Trac TS with crawler track system. This is a great option for farmers who work either with soils that are sensitive to compaction or under conditions calling for a greater contact area.

  • The Xerion Trac VC, whose rotating cab (VC stands for variable cab) is the most convenient reverse-drive system imaginable. At the press of a button, the operator can rotate the entire cab from its central position to the rear-facing position above the rear axle in seconds.

  • The Xerion Saddle Trac’s cab is in a fixed position above the front axle, leaving ample space behind the cab for a wide variety of implements. A mounted tank, for example, turns the Xerion into a self-propelled manure spreader with plenty of power left for slurry application and incorporation.

CNH Industrial

Case IH Maxxum Multicontroller

Each of the five Maxxum Multicontroller models (ranging from 116 to 145 horsepower) make both tractor and operator more productive, courtesy of the trademark Case IH Multicontroller. And now, with the new 24F/24R ActiveDrive 8 eight-speed powershift transmission, which features automatic shifting, Maxxum Multicontroller models are even easier to operate.

Capable of cutting any task down to size, at the heart of every Maxxum Multicontroller tractor lies one of the industry’s most modern, most frugal and most productive engines. Engines come from FPT Industrial, producer of some of the most respected powerplants in the business. From the four-cylinder 116-horsepower Maxxum 115 Multicontroller to the six-cylinder 145 horsepower Maxxum 150 Multicontroller (rated powers), all feature FPT engines, with four-cylinder, 4.5-liter units in all models except the flagship six-cylinder, 6.7-liter Maxxum 150 Multicontroller.

New Holland T9 Series

The T9 tractor has been designed for the world’s largest agribusinesses that need unbridled power, unsurpassed strength and the most robust systems to deliver at the edge of the farming envelope. The T9 thrives in the most demanding situations and will keep on farming hour after hour, acre after acre and application after application. 

T9 tractors feature up to 700 horsepower to work with the world’s largest and most power-hungry implements. Comfort Ride cab suspension ensures a smooth ride, and when combined with the ultra-comfortable seat, operators deliver peak performance around the clock. ECOBlue HI-eSCR technology keeps fuel costs low, and the addition of the Auto Command Transmission enables nearly infinite speed adjustment, so that the T9 delivers in every application. 


Fastrac 8330

The Fastrac 8330 different offers speed, comfort, productivity, safety and versatility to your business. With a top speed of 43 miles per hour, one of the best powertrain and suspension combinations in the industry, new Hydrostatic Dual Steering system and huge anti-lock braking capability, the Fastrac 8330 is equipped for a life of hard work. It offers more implement mounting versatility than any other tractor in its class and one of the largest, most comfortable cabs on the market.

Zetor North America

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Zetor Major Series

Zetor North America’s new models, Major HT 45, Major HT 55 and Major HS 65 are an extension of the Major model range, which includes the Major 80.

All Major models can be equipped with front loaders and other attachments. The tractors are reliable, powerful and easy to maintain.

The heart of the new Major HT is a Tier 4 Final emission standard engine, with three-stage hydrostatic transmission. The hydraulics of the tractor is equipped with two oil pumps of total flow capacity of 14.5 gallons per minute, sufficient for work with front loaders and other aggregations. The cabin is spacious and air-conditioned, which improves operator comfort. 

The Major HS 65 is powered by a 67-horsepower engine, with Tier 4 Final emission standard. It employs a mechanical transmission with 24 forward/24 reverse gears equipped with PowerShuttle, a reverser that allows easy change of traveling direction under a load. As with the Major HT, this tractor is also equipped with a wet brakes system.

John Deere

8 Series Tractors

John Deere’s newly redesigned 8 Series tractors are now available in three configurations: wheels, two-tracks and the game-changing four-track 8RX Series. Each features the most spacious, comfortable cab John Deere has ever offered.

The new 8 Series tractors provide more power, versatility and durability than any generation of 8 Series tractor before them, along with the built-in precision ag technology to deliver the most integrated experience an operator can have. Deere promotes them as “the next leap forward in brains, brawn and beauty” in a 230- to 410-horsepower tractor.