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Published online: Nov 16, 2020 Articles, New Products, Potato Equipment
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The new Wireless Smart Switch from Smart Ag LLC is an easy-to-use, inexpensive aftermarket device that enhances efficiency and control on the farm or in other agricultural and industrial work settings.

The Wireless Smart Switch adds a layer of control for workers using electronic equipment in farm applications, allowing them to remotely cut the power supply via a handheld controller in the event of an operational need.

In addition, the Wireless Smart Switch can be operated by as many as 20 controllers at one time, allowing multiple workers to remotely shut down paired machinery from as far away as 500 feet without having to physically return to the equipment and use built-in controls.

The Wireless Smart Switch unit is also highly portable and can easily be moved to and from different pieces of farm, processing plant or warehouse machinery in a matter of minutes. Although it can be permanently mounted, a magnetic back plate makes it easy to attach to any piece of metal equipment. The controller can be kept in a pocket or attached as a fob to a belt loop or keychain. In addition, the base unit, plugs and controllers are all weatherproof.

“The Wireless Smart Switch gives agricultural workers greater control over the equipment they use every day on the farm or in processing plants,” says Smart Ag LLC president Scott May. “It’s a simple, easy and inexpensive solution to what frequently can be a potential problem at the worksite: the need to quickly shut off power to a piece of operating machinery when there is no one standing right at the controls. It helps farmers improve their daily work processes and operate more efficiently by adding wireless control to any piece or line or electrically powered equipment that they currently use today.”

The Wireless Smart Switch is ETL-listed, conforms to UL 508A, and is certified to CSA STD C22.2#14. It not, however, designed to replace the primary safety features of existing equipment and should not be used as a primary safety device, emergency stop or E-stop.

After the successful launch of the Wireless Smart Switch, the Smart Ag LLC team developed two other exciting after-market devices, the Smart Applicator and the Smart Piler, following the company’s ethos of practical, easy-to-install-and-operate equipment that makes farmers lives easier and more productive.

The Smart Applicator has proven to reduce chemical waste by using proprietary Dual Aspect Control Logic. Chemicals, liquid or dust are applied only when the line is moving and the produce is present at the point of chemical application; both criteria must be true before chemicals are applied. With the Smart Applicator, there is no more wasting of chemicals when the line isn’t moving (for example, if the crew went to lunch and didn’t turn the chemical applicator off) or there aren’t any potatoes at the application point.

“We have had customers tell us that they saved more on their chemical costs in one season than the cost of the Smart Applicator,” says May. “We like to see such a high ROI on our products, but it’s great seeing the environmental benefits as well.”

The Smart Applicator installs easily and quickly to any conveyor, seed treater or piler, and works with the customer’s existing chemical application systems.

Finally, the all-new Smart Piler was developed to add needed functionality to any existing piler. After the Smart Piler is installed to any existing piler, it prohibits the piler from impacting the sidewalls and ceiling of a storage cellar or semi-trailer as potatoes are loaded. Additionally, there is an optional sensor that ensures consistent pile height as produce is placed into storage.

“We have spoken to a lot of growers about their pilers, and our Smart Piler addresses two of their biggest aggravations, cellar sidewall damage and inconsistent pile height, in a cost-effective way,” says May.

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